SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY | 1 Simple Rule That Will Help You Speak English More Fluently Today

By watching this video lesson, you will Learn the simple rule that will help you to finally speak English fluently.

Part 1 | 3 Details

Explanation: The first part of this rule focuses on the important details of the topic, subject, or person you are discussing. In other words, you want to help your listener visualize what you are talking about.

Topic & Question: Your pet [Tell me about your pet]

My Response: I have a dog

3 Details:

  1. The runt of the litter ******[Facts.Details]
  2. Very rambunctious [Facts.Details]
  3. Purebred golden retriever [Facts.Details]

Support for my Response:

“My current pet is a golden retriever. He actually was the runt of the litter when I purchased him, but now he is very rambunctious. I also found out recently that he is a purebred golden retriever.”

  1. Runt: an animal that is smaller than average, especially the smallest in a litter “Animals usually reject the runt of the litter.”
  2. Rambunctious: difficult to control or handle; wildly boisterous “My brother has always been rambunctious, so he gets in trouble a lot.”
  3. Purebred: (of an animal) bred from parents of the same breed or variety “I only want to buy a purebred dog for my parents.”

Part 2 | 3 Examples

Explanation: The second part of this rule focuses on examples of the topic, subject, or person you are discussing. In other words, you want to help your listener understand more by giving them real-life example situations.

Topic & Question: Animals at the zoo [What is the most interesting animal to see at the zoo?]

My Response: I think gorillas are the most interesting animals to see at the zoo.

3 Examples:

  1. They try to interact with people at the windows. ******[Situation]
  2. Watching their babies cling to their parents as human babies do. [Situation]
  3. Watching them being affectionate with their trainers. [Situation]

Support for my Response:

“One of the most interesting animals at the zoo is a gorilla. When zoo visitors pass by their enclosures, gorillas go to the glass barrier and try to interact with them. Another interesting thing about gorillas is how the babies cling to their parents as they walk around. You can also see gorillas being affectionate with their trainers as they clean their enclosures.”

  1. Enclosure: an area that is sealed off with an artificial or natural barrier “During the day the horses are kept in an enclosure.”
  2. Interact: to communicate with or react to “They’re quiet children who don’t interact much.” // “Dominique’s teacher says that she interacts well with the other children.”
  3. Cling: to stick onto or hold something or someone tightly, or to refuse to stop holding it, him, or her “She clung to the handrail as she walked down the slippery steps.”
  4. Affectionate: showing feelings of liking or love “He’s an affectionate little boy.”

Part 3 | 3 Reasons

Explanation: The third part of this rule focuses on giving specific reasons for your ideas on the topic, subject, or person you are discussing. In other words, you want to help your listener understand your thought process and how you developed your idea.

Topic & Question: Service animals [What is a good example of a service animal?]

My Response: In my opinion, police dogs are a good example of service animals.

3 Reasons:

  1. Dogs are inherently protective of their owners ******[Support]
  2. Dogs have a keen sense of smell [Support]
  3. Dogs run extremely fast, so they can apprehend criminals faster than police on foot [Support]

Support for my Response:

“In my opinion, police dogs are a good example of service animals. The first reason is that dogs are inherently protective of their owners. Their goal is to protect the cop they have been assigned to, which is very important. Another reason is that dogs have a keen sense of smell. This means that dogs can detect odors that humans cannot. Finally, dogs can run extremely fast. This means that they can apprehend **criminals faster than police can on foot.”

  1. Inherently: in a way that exists as a natural or basic part of something “Cats are inherently clean animals.”
  2. Keen: extreme, very strong, or well developed “My best friend has a very keen sense of smell.”
  3. Odor: a smell, often one that is unpleasant “Inside the room, there was the unmistakable odor of sweaty feet.”
  4. Apprehend: to catch and arrest someone who has not obeyed the law “The police have finally apprehended the killer.”
  5. On foot: If you go somewhere on foot, you walk (or run), rather than using any form of transport. “We rowed ashore, then explored the island on foot for the rest of the day.”
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2 years ago

Hello teacher Tiffany, thanks for the new worlds you thought me today ,with you ,I will speak English fluently and like a natural.

2 years ago

I don’t really understand the first lesson but I hope the next lessons I will be better.

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Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

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