By watching this video lesson, you will learn 10 English slang terms that you will be able to use starting today.


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  1. Flex – To show off or boast about one’s achievements, possessions, or skills.
    • Example sentences:
      • “He loves to flex his new car whenever he gets the chance.”
      • “Stop flexing your muscles; we know you’re strong.”
      • “Why do you always have to flex about your high grades?”
  2. Fire – Used to describe something as excellent, amazing, or highly impressive.
    • Example sentences:
      • “This new song is fire; I can’t stop listening to it.”
      • “That outfit is fire; you look stunning.”
      • “The party last night was fire, dude. We had so much fun!”
  3. Fam – Short for “family” or close friends; used to refer to a group of people you are close with.
    • Example sentences:
      • “I’m heading out with my fam tonight.”
      • “Hey fam, do you want to grab dinner together?”
      • “My fam always has my back; they’re the best.”
  4. Flaky – Describes someone who is unreliable, often canceling plans or not following through on commitments.
    • Example sentences:
      • “She’s so flaky; she always cancels at the last minute.”
      • “I don’t trust him anymore; he’s too flaky.”
      • “Stop being so flaky and start honoring your commitments.”
  5. Faded – To be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Example sentences:
      • “He came to the party already faded.”
      • “She got so faded at the concert; she doesn’t remember anything.”
      • “We laughed at his faded behavior at the bar.”
  6. Faceplant – To fall forward and land face-first on the ground.
    • Example sentences:
      • “He tripped on the step and faceplanted on the pavement.”
      • “The kid tried a stunt on his skateboard and faceplanted.”
      • “She didn’t see the wet floor sign and ended up faceplanting.”
  7. Flop – Used to describe something that is a complete failure or disappointment.
    • Example sentences:
      • “The movie was a flop; it didn’t live up to the hype.”
      • “His business idea turned out to be a flop.”
      • “The party was a flop; nobody showed up.”
  8. Fierce – Used to describe someone or something as bold, intense, or powerful.
    • Example sentences:
      • “Her performance was fierce; she owned the stage.”
      • “Don’t mess with her; she’s fierce when she’s angry.”
      • “His new car looks fierce; it’s so sleek and stylish.”
  9. Flexin’ – Similar to “flex,” but often used to describe someone who is showing off or pretending to be someone they’re not.
    • Example sentences:
      • “He’s always flexin’ on social media, but we know he’s broke.”
      • “She’s flexin’ her expensive clothes, but they’re all knockoffs.”
      • “They’re flexin’ their fake accents to impress others.”
  10. Frontin’ – Similar to “pretending” or “acting,” used to describe someone who is putting up a false front or trying to deceive others.
    • Example sentences:
      • “He’s always frontin’ like he’s a tough guy, but he’s really just scared.”
      • “She’s frontin’ like she’s rich, but we all know she’s in debt.”
      • “Stop frontin’ like you’re okay when you’re clearly upset.”

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