By watching this video lesson, you will learn 10 English expressions that will help you speak English more fluently.


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1.  Salty – feeling bitter or angry about something

    • “He got so salty when we beat him at basketball.”
    • “Don’t be salty about not getting the job, there will be other opportunities.”
    • “She was a bit salty after her breakup.”

2.  Straight fire – something that is really good or cool

    • “His new song is straight fire!”
    • “This pizza is straight fire, let’s order another one.”
    • “Her outfit is straight fire, where did she get it?”

3.  Sus – suspicious or shady

    • “That guy hanging around seems kind of sus.”
    • “I don’t trust that website, it looks sus.”
    • “Her story seems a bit sus to me.”

4.  Snitch – someone who tells on others or gives information to authorities

    • “We called him a snitch because he always tells the teacher when we talk in class.”
    • “Don’t be a snitch, keep our plans a secret.”
    • “I can’t believe she snitched on me.”

5.  Shook – feeling surprised or frightened

    • “I was shook when I found out she was moving away.”
    • “That movie was so intense, it left me shook.”
    • “He was shook when he saw the size of the spider on his wall.”

6.  Snappy – someone who has a quick wit or sharp comebacks

    • “She’s so snappy, she always has a clever reply.”
    • “If you can’t keep up with his snappy jokes, he’ll leave you behind.”
    • “The comedian’s snappy one-liners had the audience in stitches.”

7.  Screaming – laughing really hard

    • “That meme had me screaming!”
    • “His improv performance was so funny. I was screaming with laughter.”
    • “We were screaming when we saw the prank they pulled.”

8.  Swag – a sense of style or confidence

    • “He’s got so much swag, he walks like he owns the place.”
    • “I need a new wardrobe to match my swag.”
    • “She’s got swag for days, she can pull off any outfit.”

9.  Snack – a good-looking person

    • “She’s such a snack, I can’t take my eyes off her.”
    • “We all agreed that he was a snack.”
    • “He didn’t realize that the girl thought he was a snack.”

10.  Slay – to succeed or look amazing

    • “You slayed that presentation!”
    • “She slayed the red carpet and everyone was talking about her.”
    • “He’s about to slay his competition in the big game.”

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