5 Words Every English Learner Should Master

By watching this video lesson, you will learn 5 English Words that will help you sound more natural.


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Sunday: Aspiration

  • Meaning: a hope or ambition of achieving something.
  1. The student’s aspiration to attend a prestigious university motivated her to work hard in school.
  2. The actor’s aspiration to win an Academy Award drove him to take on challenging roles.
  3. Having clear aspirations can help individuals stay focused and motivated in pursuing their goals.

Monday: Determination

  • Meaning: firmness of purpose; resoluteness
  1. The student’s determination to get into medical school motivated her to study long hours and achieve high grades.
  2. The athlete’s determination to break the world record drove him to train harder than ever before.
  3. Determination is a key attribute for individuals who want to achieve their goals despite challenges and setbacks.

Tuesday: Drive

  • Meaning: a strong urge or desire to achieve something
  1. The entrepreneur’s drive to create a successful business led her to work long hours and take calculated risks.
  2. The athlete’s drive to win a championship motivated him to train harder than ever before.
  3. Having a strong drive can help individuals stay focused and motivated in pursuing their goals.

Wednesday: Initiative

  • Meaning: the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do
  1. The employee’s initiative in proposing a new idea for the company was praised by her manager.
  2. The athlete’s initiative in developing a new training regimen helped him improve his performance.
  3. Taking initiative can be a key factor in achieving one’s goals and advancing in one’s career.

Thursday: Milestone

  • Meaning: a significant event or stage in the progress or development of something
  1. The company celebrated a major milestone when it reached its 10th anniversary.
  2. The athlete’s milestone was breaking the world record in her event.
  3. Achieving significant milestones can provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment in pursuing one’s goals.

Friday: Go the extra mile

  • Meaning: to put in extra effort beyond what is expected or required in order to achieve a goal
  • Sentence 1: The employee went the extra mile by working overtime to finish a project ahead of schedule
  • Sentence 2: The athlete went the extra mile by hiring a personal trainer to help her improve her performance.
  • Sentence 3: Going the extra mile can make the difference between achieving a goal and falling short.


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