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  1. Freshen up
  2. Grounded
  3. Running errands
  4. Crash at someone’s place
  5. Put up your dukes
  6. Cat’s out of the bag
  7. Spill the beans
  8. Don’t cry over spilled milk
  9. Jump on the bandwagon

#1 | Freshen up

MEANING: Refresh oneself by washing or changing into clean clothes

#2 | Grounded

MEANING: A child or young person who is grounded is not allowed to go out as a punishment

#3 | Running errands

MEANING: to go out to buy or do something

#4 | Crash at someone’s place

MEANING: To sleep at someone else’s house, apartment, etc., for a temporary period of time

#5 | Put up your dukes

MEANING: To raise one’s clenched fists in front of one’s body and stand in a threatening or defiant manner, in preparation for a fistfight

#6 | Cat’s out of the bag

MEANING: reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake

#7 | Spill the beans

MEANING: reveal secret information unintentionally or indiscreetly

#8 | Don’t cry over spilled milk

MEANING: the phrase means that there’s no point in being upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed

#9 | Jump on the bandwagon

MEANING: To join others in doing or supporting something fashionable or likely to be successful



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