By watching this video lesson, you will learn 5 English slang terms that you will be able to use starting today.


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5 Slang Terms

  1. Ghost – to disappear or stop communicating suddenly
    • He ghosted me after our first date, I don’t know what happened.
    • I asked him for his number but he just ghosted me.
    • She’s been ghosting us all week. I hope everything is okay.
  2. Squad – a group of friends or associates
    • My squad and I are planning a weekend trip next month.
    • She always hangs out with her squad at the mall on weekends.
    • I can always count on my squad to have my back.
  3. Salty – feeling upset or bitter about something
    • He’s so salty that he didn’t get the promotion instead of me.
    • She got salty when I beat her at the game.
    • I was a little salty when they canceled our concert tickets.
  4. TBT – “Throwback Thursday,” sharing old photos or memories on social media
    • Can’t believe how young we look in this TBT photo!
    • I’m posting a TBT of our family vacation from years ago.
    • She posted a TBT of her graduation day and got so many likes.
  5. Tea – gossip or juicy information
    • Have you heard the tea about what really happened at the party?
    • She always knows the latest tea on all our friends.
    • Tell me the tea about what’s going on with her and him.
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