130 : Topical English | “Eating Habits” Part 2


This episode includes tons of new English vocabulary words and expressions. These words and expressions are used by native English speakers in natural English conversations. If you want to speak English more fluently and sound like a native English speaker, click the links below and start learning now.

  1. Suffix
  2. High-end
  3. Fine dining
  4. Fixed menu
  5. Stability
  6. Set in stone
  7. Cut back on something
  8. Clarify
  9. Omit
  10. Reduce
  11. Break a habit
  12. From what I “recall”
  13. You can’t escape them
  14. Be exposed to something
  15. Obvious
  16. Explicit / do something explicitly
  17. Close proximity
  18. Too close for comfort
  19. Personal space
  20. Provoke
  21. Defensive
  22. Preference
  23. I will “give it a go”



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Amos Genaldo
Amos Genaldo
1 year ago

Teacher Tiffany, your English explanations are good
You mostly help and motivates me learn English.
I want to speak English like my friends who are graduate now but my single mother is financially poor for sending me to school…
But I believe your teachings on YouTube and Instagram will help me speak good and advance English.
I’m from Africa, Ghana.

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