142 : Domesticated, Playful, The cat is out of the bag, and Hold your horses

In today’s episode, you will learn new English vocabulary words and expressions related to the topic of animals. You will also hear tons of real-life stories that will help you understand the words and expressions more. This episode will give you the vocabulary and expressions you need to speak fluently in English about this topic.


The Think in English Package



Meaning: An animal that is tame and kept as a pet or on a farm.

  1. Sentence 1: Even when kept as pets, domesticated tigers are still wild animals and should not be kept in the home.
  2. Sentence 2: Cats and dogs are domesticated animals and are well suited to live in a home.
  3. Sentence 3: In 1998, Ross Gellar attempted to bring a domesticated monkey into his apartment.


Meaning: To enjoy playing around

  1. Sentence 1: Briton is an old dog, but he is still extremely playful
  2. Sentence 2: Dice, a cat, loves a playful romp with the rubber ball her owner purchased for her.
  3. Sentence 3: Lion cubs are playful creatures and wrestle for hours with their siblings in the wild.


The cat is out of the bag

Meaning: The unintentional revealing of something that was previously a secret.

  1. Sentence 1: I wanted my mother’s present to be a secret, but my sister let the cat out of the bag.
  2. Sentence 2: We tried to keep the party a surprise for my mother but my sister let the cat out of the bag.
  3. Sentence 3: After waking up, Brad let the cat out of the bag about Victor firing Nick from Newman Enterprises.

Hold your horses

Meaning: Wait a minute; keep cool

  1. Sentence 1: We haven’t quite finished, hold your horses.
  2. Sentence 2: I just told him to hold his horses for a few minutes while I got things ready.
  3. Sentence 3: Hold your horses! We’ll leave in a minute or two

The Think in English Package

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2 years ago

❤❤❤❤❤❤ thanks so much, teacher Tiffani.

Theresah Addy3
Theresah Addy3
2 years ago

I’m new here

Sekariya Mahububdeen
Sekariya Mahububdeen
2 years ago

Hi!Teacher Tiffani, I love your teaching and I would like to ask where I can post any unrelated questions that come across from some pages that I read. Because I read lot of stuff that sometimes is not understandable.

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