152 : English Vocabulary and Expressions – Intellectual, Evolve, A screw loose, and The brains behind something

In today’s episode, you will learn new English vocabulary words and expressions related to the topic of brains. You will also hear tons of real-life stories that will help you understand the words and expressions more. This episode will give you the vocabulary and expressions you need to speak fluently in English about this topic.


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Meaning: relating to intellect; a person possessing a highly developed intellect.

  • Sentence 1: Brian is an intellectual and provides riveting conversation.
  • Sentence 2: You do not have to be an intellectual to attend university.
  • Sentence 3: Sue has a tremendous intellectual sympathy for oppressed people.


Meaning: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

  • Sentence 1: Children constantly evolve developmentally in order to grow into fully capable adults.
  • Sentence 2: The evolution of Karen’s emotional intelligence was well received.
  • Sentence 3 : The brand evolved from a simple website to a multimillion dollar enterprise.


A screw loose

Meaning: behaving in a strange way; a person who is not intellectually quick.

  • Sentence 1: The puzzle was not difficult and yet he could not solve it. He must have had a screw loose.
  • Sentence 2: That guy is seriously insane and definitely has a screw loose.
  • Sentence 3: Anyone purchasing a pen for more than $1,000 must be a millionaire or they have a screw loose.

The brains behind something

Meaning: The person or thing that made something successful

  • Sentence 1: If it were not for Simone, the president would not have won. She was the brains behind the campaign.
  • Sentence 2: My mother is the rock of our family and the brains behind our success.
  • Sentence 3: Elon Musk is a genius but his engineers are the brains behind the newest Tesla model.

Master English Tips Pack

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Oluwa Daniel kuye
Oluwa Daniel kuye
2 years ago


Miguel Uzcategui
Miguel Uzcategui
2 years ago

Amazing class I love you tiffani I hope that I want to Learn with you

Yenifer Torres
Yenifer Torres
2 years ago

I just found your channel and your podcast, and I can say: you’re awesome. Great lessons and wonderful energy. Thanks teacher Tiffani.

Jose Ferreira
Jose Ferreira
2 years ago

This is my first time here and I’m getting elevated!

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