156 : English Vocabulary and Expressions – Dissent, Remonstrate, Last resort, and Back against the wall

In today’s episode, you will learn new English vocabulary words and expressions related to the topic of challenges. You will also hear tons of real-life stories that will help you understand the words and expressions more. This episode will give you the vocabulary and expressions you need to speak fluently in English about this topic.




Meaning: A strong difference of opinion on a particular subject, especially about an official suggestion or plan or a popular belief.

  • Sentence 1: Almost all of the judges agreed, however, one conservative dissented.
  • Sentence 2: When the time came to approve the proposal, there were one or two voices of dissent.
  • Sentence 3: There was very little room for dissent or different points of view.


Meaning: to complain to someone or about something

  • Sentence 1: If he attempted to remonstrate with Sheila he probably received a rude or angry reply!
  • Sentence 2: I went to the boss to remonstrate against the new rules.
  • Sentence 3: The editor remonstrated with Kevin about the inaccuracies in the story.


Last resort

Meaning: the only option left

  • Sentence 1: I really wanted to attend the conference but ended up missing my flight which was my last resort.
  • Sentence 2: Experts say warning labels are the last resort when a hazard can’t be designed out of a product.
  • Sentence 3: As a last resort, teachers could always open an online classroom with their internet provider or school.

Back against the wall

Meaning: To have very serious problems that limit the ways in which you can act.

  • Sentence 1: He owes money to everyone – he really has his back against the wall now.
  • Sentence 2: We knew that with so little time and money left to finish the project we had our backs against the wall.
  • Sentence 3: With her back against the wall, Sharon quickly answered the frantic phone call.


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2 years ago

I love your podcast. I have been listening for two week and It is great the way you teache english

Abdullah Bin Madi
Abdullah Bin Madi
2 years ago

Hi there
I have sent you many emails but I didn’t find any reply from you. I am a new Membership of the academy. When I log in I find this message (Lecture content locked) I can’t open the lesson. please help me
Best Regards

Antonio D' la luz
Antonio D' la luz
2 years ago

You are pure energy, Tiffani! thank you so much for share with us your wisdom.

Antonio Guevara
Antonio Guevara
2 years ago

I reminded when I worked at PDVSA Petroleo, in Venezuela. Maybe most of you know, PDVSA is controled by our goverment. ussually, I Dissented  the way our bosses were doing for managing the company, the thing would go wrong, I knew in the short future I would be Back Against The Wall. So I decided preparing myself for gettting out of it, Despite I was looking for a new job without success, the time arrived when I remonstrated to my boss the way they were doing. Then, I resigned… I had just one option, some knowledge of sewing process,   applied… Read more »

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