158 : English Vocabulary and Expressions – Endow, Beneficence, A do-gooder, and A world of good

In today’s episode, you will learn new English vocabulary words and expressions related to the topic of charity. You will also hear tons of real-life stories that will help you understand the words and expressions more. This episode will give you the vocabulary and expressions you need to speak fluently in English about this topic.




Meaning: Provide with a quality, ability, or asset.

  • Sentence 1: Samson, a biblical character, was endowed with physical strength.
  • Sentence 2: He begged God to endow him with riches and wealth to impress his neighbors.
  • Sentence 3: Julian was endowed with a great sense of humor.


Meaning: The quality or state of doing or producing good

  • Sentence 1:They thanked God for His beneficence.
  • Sentence 2: Dr. Peter is a religious leader whose beneficence is felt by all who meet him.
  • Sentence 3: My mother was admired for her beneficence.


A do-gooder

Meaning: A well-meaning but unrealistic or interfering philanthropist or reformer.

  • Sentence 1: At best they were seen as well-meaning do-gooders and at worst inept meddlers.
  • Sentence 2: The do-gooders continued to protest despite reports of flooding in that the case was solved.
  • Sentence 3: Anna was a do-gooder and traveled the world to help poor children, but she knew very little about their needs.

A world of good

Meaning: Something that makes you feel very happy or healthy

  • Sentence 1: After not getting much rest, a good night’s sleep would do me a world of good.
  • Sentence 2: Providing access to running water could do the village a world of good.
  • Sentence 3: The family knew that a vacation would do them a world of good.


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2 years ago

Thanks a lot Tiffani, I needed to listen that words. God bless you

2 years ago

Thank you Tiffani, l wish you the best , l really appreciate your generous teaching .

Souleymane Diaw
Souleymane Diaw
2 years ago

My English is so bat and I want to improve my English level.
I’m from Senegal.
How can I do?

Alexis Nduwimana
Alexis Nduwimana
2 years ago

Woow thank you so much Teacher Tiffani

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1 year ago

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