040 : Meet Teacher Johnny – An ESL Teacher in South Korea




  1. 3 Best Qualities
    • Good attitude
    • Studious
    • Accountability (Be accountable as it relates to your goals)
  2. Did you ever have a favorite student?
    • Joshua
      • He has progressed so much
      • Has a great attitude toward learning
      • Not really the best student based on his score, but he has the best attitude
      • He gives grace to his teacher
      • Sets goals and tries to get better every single day
  3. What is the hardest thing about teaching English?
    • Patience
    • He is very goal and task oriented, so he wants to finish a lesson quickly. But, he has to be patient for each student.
    • Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating with certain lessons and students.
    • Realizing that students don’t learn the same way as you.
    • As a teacher, he has to remember that students learn in different ways.
  4. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • When students start to understand and use what I taught them
    • Seeing a marked improvement in students
    • Seeing progress
  5. Do you speak another language? Or if you could, what language would you learn and why?
    • Speaks English
    • Speaks Spanish (1st Language) – His mom is Mexican
    • Speaks a little Italian (Studied for 2 years in college)
    • Speaks a little Korean (He is learning)
  6. Do you know any good English resources?
    • CNN 10 News https://www.cnn.com/cnn10
    • The Office (popular show)
    • Family Matters
    • The Cosby Show
    • Full House
    • Marie Condo (Netflix)
    • Man vs Food (Cooking show)
    • Anthony Bourdain
    • The Final Table
  7. Advice
    • Have fun as you learn English
    • Never forget why you started learning English
    • Write your progress and your goals down every single day
    • Don’t lose sight of your goal
    • Repetition is the father/key of success
    • Study – Decompress (Focus hard and then relax/enjoy)
    • Find ways to apply what you learn
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Nur Hossen
Nur Hossen
4 years ago

Madam, I am not happy this time, because I can’t properly speaking in English. I always try to achieve English language but I am failed. But I promise you, once upon a time, I will a native English speaker in the modern world. So, I need some proper way for achieving English knowledge more & more very quickly. I know that my family can’t support economically in my study. It isn’t matter for me. I believe my Allah help me, very soon improved knowledge in English. So, you pray for me.

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