045 : Experience America | All about Utah




  1. Intro
    • Murice Damion Miller
    • Currently living in a tourist town
      • Jeeping
      • Biking
      • Lots of outdoor activities
    • Works as a photographer, an administrative assistant, a custodian, and also teaching PE and Health
    • Married – two kids
    • Lived in Utah since 2012
    • Moab, Utah
  2. Basics about your state
    • People like to skydive
    • Town average in Moab – 7,000 – 8,000 people
    • 3 million people a year visit as tourists (To Moab)
    • 2 National Parks near Moab, Utah
    • Utah is the most Christian state – 73% connected to Christian (60% of this 73% are Mormon)
    • Puts a lot of emphasis on family (A family state)
    • People are encouraged not to drink
    • People strive to make a difference
    • It is great for business
      • They provide lots of resources
      • For example, the county/state provided a seminar for free
    • Tries to encourage health (regarding exercise/activity)
  3. Tell me about the scenery
    • Known for “The best snow on earth”
    • Very beautiful
    • Surrounded by desert – Then a couple of miles down the road you will be surrounded by forests (Lots of greenery)
    • Lots of mountain ranges
    • Lots of snow (2002 – The Winter Olympics was in Utah)
    • The snow is not wet or soggy, so it is perfect for skiing
    • Water
  4. Tell me something unique about the people
    • Very nice
    • Predominantly caucasian
    • Very friendly
  5. Tell me about your favorite food
    • The “donut peach” (very sweet)
    • Carrot hot dogs
  6. 3 Must see places
    • The Mighty Five
      • Arches National Park
      • Canyonlands National Park
      • Zion National Park
      • Bryce National Park
      • Capitol Reef National Park
    • The La Sal Mountain Loop (In Moab)
    • The Bonneville salt flats
  7. Final thoughts/advice
    • People in Utah consumes the most jello (specifically lime jello)
    • A state that is good for business – 2nd best state for business
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Hello how are you

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Hello how are you

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Teofilo de.la rosa
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Hello Tiffani. How are doing???

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Marie C Remy
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I just find out about this site from YouTube. Love it!

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I visited this state with my family. Utah is Mormon “good people”

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Rachel Dary
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Im so glad to joint your channel

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Jean Bernard Beaugé
Jean Bernard Beaugé
6 months ago

Was a good episode! I’ve learned so many things about Utah! Thank you sou much Tifany for such a great initiative!

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