048 : Meet Carley – An ESL teacher who has a passion for her students!




  1. Give their introduction
    • Met in South Korea while learning Korean
    • Living in ATL
    • Spent 5 years teaching in Korea
    • Spent 2 years teaching in ATL / Still tutors on the side
  2. Why did you become an English teacher and how long have you been an English teacher?
    • Trinity Christian Academy (Really good school) – > Found out about the exchange program
    • Fascinated by their culture
    • Starting tutoring her friends in high school
    • Her parents hosted a Japanese girl – experienced Japanese culture
    • Summer before her senior – Went to study abroad in Japan (But she was in the English classes)
    • That led her to become a teacher / Married one of those exchange students
  3. Can you tell us about your first teaching experience?
    • July 2012 (Graduated 4 days before traveling to Korea)
    • Started teaching at an after school academy
    • Nervous trying to get everything ready
      • Some of her students were only 3 years younger than her
      • Was really comfortable
      • Felt very natural
  4. As a teacher, what have you noticed are the three best qualities of a good English student?
    • Being motivated to learn
    • Having a positive attitude
    • Persistence
  5. Did you ever have a favorite student? Tell us about him/her
    • Eileen (민주)
      • She always wanted to learn
      • Was very interested in American culture
      • 3rd grade middle school student in Korea
      • Smart & studious
    • Jenny
      • 3rd grader
      • Really was interested in learning English and American culture
      • Wanted to have an actual conversation
      • She would hang out with her during her break
  6. What is the hardest thing about teaching English?
    • The teaching – “Learning how to teach”
    • Trying to teach students of various levels
  7. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • The click moment – Basically, when students finally catch on and understand
    • The cultural and language exchange that happens in class
  8. Do you speak another language? Tell us about it. / or / If you could learn another language, what language would you learn and why?
    • Because she married a Korean
    • Her in-laws only spoke Korean
  9. Do you know any good English resources?
    • Watch TV
      • Stranger Things
      • The Walking Dead
      • 13 Reasons Why
      • How To Get Away With Murder
      • Cartoons (Lower level)
      • NCIS
    • PurdueOwl.com
    • Pinterest (ESL worksheets)
    • Remember to ask your former teachers
  10. Advice for other 2nd language teachers, students, and teachers
    • Never give up
    • When it gets hard, just take a break
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