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  1. Intro
    • Darien Claxton
    • Born in Washington, DC
    • Went to school in Huntsville, AL (Oakwood College)
    • Moved to Tucson, AZ with his wife
  2. Basics about your state
    • It is a huge state
    • It is very densely populated
    • Phoenix (The capital)
    • Tucson (Where he lived)
    • Only 4 or 5 major cities
    • Lots of deserts and open space
    • Very vast and wide
  3. Tell me something unique about your state
    • The weather is very interesting
    • Two seasons…Hot and hotter
    • Dry heat (100 degrees feels like 85)
    • In the winter (60 degrees)
  4. Tell me about the scenery
    • Lots of browns
    • Many houses don’t have lawns
    • Lots of brush
    • You can see a lot of dust storms
    • The Grand Canyon
    • Lots of animals
      • Rattlesnakes
      • Mountain lion
      • Bobcats
  5. Tell me something unique about the people
    • Lots of transplants (People who are not from the area)
    • “Snowbirds” – Older people who live in colder areas of the country and go to Arizona during the winter
    • Very friendly
    • People are open to small talk
    • Very laid back and relaxed
  6. Tell me about your favorite food
    • Tons of Mexican restaurants
    • Authentic Mexican food
    • El Nidito (The Little Nest) Restaurant
    • Eegees (They sell subs and slushies) Website – Get the special of the month
  7. 3 Must see places
    • The Grand Canyon
    • The Desert Museum (Not free, but well worth it)
    • Roadhouse Cinema Theatre (A regular movie theatre with a restaurant embedded in it)
    • Mount Lemon (Drive an hour and you can find snow)
  8. Final thoughts/advice
    • Remember that people are very friendly
    • It is very good for small businesses
    • The weather
    • Things are generally close together
    • Great for finding good food
    • Make some friends while you are there
    • Things close early
    • If you are looking for a quiet place
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Bonifacio Paniagua
Bonifacio Paniagua
4 years ago

Hello every one, well, l heve been mastering english for years and for me the most difficult part of English was the listening stage due to that l started learning only how to read and write the ENGLISH language, and one more thing that makes the ENGLISH language harder is that one Word has 2 and 3 different meanings. Also the most important ingredient for understanding a real lile’s conversation is the idioms, proverbs and slang, those are basic details that you can not find as they should appear in text books…text books are only focused on grammar structures or… Read more »

Anm"al dig f"or att fa 100 USDT
Anm"al dig f"or att fa 100 USDT
4 months ago

Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

2 months ago

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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