059 : Experience America | All about Colorado



  1. Intro
    • Is from Antigua – moved to New York – Ended up in Colorado
    • She is a licensed Public Accountant
    • Likes to bake
    • Likes powerlifting
  2. Basics about your state
    • One of the larger states
    • Middle of America and a little to the left
    • A square-shaped state
    • Goes by Mountain Time
    • A very dry state
  3. Tell me why you chose to live there
    • Got a job in Nebraska right outside of the university
    • She chose Colorado because of her job
  4. Tell me about the scenery
    • There are a lot of mountains
    • Super green during spring, summer, and fall
    • It gets a lot of sunlight
    • “A green desert”
  5. Tell me something unique about the state/people
    • The number of “transplants” (people who are moving into the state)
    • People go there to start over and start a new life
    • It’s a “melting pot”
    • Known as a “purple state”  – a balance of republicans and democrats
  6. Tell me about your favorite food
    • “Green chili”*common in Colorado*
    • “African Grill” restaurant near the airport
      • Run by a Ghanaian family
      • Eats the “Whole Red Snapper” dish (A fried fish)
  7. 3 Must see places
  8. Final thoughts/advice (Anything else you would like to tell someone who has never been to your state?)
    • Always pack a coat
    • Stay hydrated
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inscreva-se na binance

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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