060 : Meet Jacquece – An ESL teacher who has a passion for teaching!



  1. Give their introduction
    • Jacquece Moore
    • A mom and a teacher
    • Lives in Maryland
    • Has dyslexia, but was still able to become an English teacher
  2. Why did you become an English teacher and how long have you been an English teacher?
    • She was in childcare for over 10 years
    • When her daughter was 6 years old, she found out that she had autism
    • “Literacy Council of Montgomery County” they were looking for ESL teachers
    • She worked as a volunteer tutor with them
    • Starting working as an official ESL teacher at a college
  3. Can you tell us about your first teaching experience?
    • Her student was from China
    • Used the “Ventures Basics” book
    • She was a little nervous at first because she was used to working with kids
    • She got to know the student first
    • They met for two hours a week
  4. As a teacher, what have you noticed are the three best qualities of a good English student?
    • Just try
    • Be present & have a goal
    • Asking questions
  5. Did you ever have a favorite student? Tell us about him/her
    • A student she can connect with
    • Students who are able to help other students
  6. What are the hardest things about teaching English?
    • Students being able to understand her when she speaks fast
    • Needing more experience
    • Not being able to understand what they don’t understand
  7. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • Connecting with students and developing relationships
  8. Do you speak another language? Tell us about it.
    • Would love to learn Spanish
  9. Do you know any good English resources?
    • “It’s a wonderful Life”
    • “Polly” and “Pollyana” (musical)
    • “Cats” (Musical)
  10. Advice for other 2nd language teachers, students, and teachers
    • Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals
    • Take a risk and put everything on the line
    • Try
    • Don’t be nervous or shy
    • Share what you learn with someone else
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Jumbe Kasim
Jumbe Kasim
4 years ago

Am Jumbe Kasim from Tanzania, but am stacking on how to join the Academic please can you send to me WHATSUP number?

Cleber Milton Gomes de Oliveira
Cleber Milton Gomes de Oliveira
4 years ago

Good Afternoon, Tiffany

I live in Rio de Janeiro.
I’m watching yours videos, much cool, but need more for learn thrust English. I would like you to add me on WhatsApp to practice more English writing, please.

Cleber Milton

4 years ago

Good morning Tiffani. My name is Ariane. I am from Ghana. I’m beginner to learn english. Please help à went to learn end speak fluently. Thank you for this video YouTube. Please Tiffani can you have zoom classrooms? I would like you to add me on WhatsApp to practice more English writing, please.

Ariane AKA
Ariane AKA
4 years ago

Thanks Tiffany for you good job this video YouTube.

binance účet
1 year ago

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

3 months ago

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