How To Communicate Clearly In English Using 4 Simple Tips

In this lesson, you will learn how to communicate clearly in English.


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TIP #1

SIMPLIFY your idea


  1. In order for your idea to stick, you need to make your idea as simple as possible
  2. Break your idea down until you get to the core of your idea
  3. Come up with one simple and impactful sentence or statement

TIP #2

PROVE your idea


  1. It helps to support your idea and, in essence, becomes the foundation
  2. It helps to give clarity to your idea
  3. It helps to round out your idea

TIP #3

CONNECT your idea to an emotion


  1. This is important because your idea will stay in the listeners’ mind if they care about it
  2. When someone cares about something, they pay attention to it more
  3. By connecting your idea to the listeners’ emotions, you inadvertently answer the “why” question in their mind

TIP #4

SHARE your examples for your idea


  1. This is important because your story or experience makes your idea more real
  2. When someone hears your story, they may also think about your idea more
  3. By connecting your story to your idea, you actually help the listener understand it even more than before
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