HOW TO Overcome The 4 Most Common English Challenges

In this lesson, you will learn how to overcome 4 common English challenges. These tips will help you not get discouraged as you study English.


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CHALLENGE #1 [Phase 1 of Intermediate English]

EXPLANATION: You feel overwhelmed because there are still so many words and expressions that you need to learn


  1. Set a personal goal for the number of words you would like to learn & use in a month
  2. Divide that number by the number of days in that month
  3. Determine how long you can study a day

CHALLENGE #2 [Phase 2 of Intermediate English]

EXPLANATION: You can understand others better but you still don’t know how to speak better English


  1. Have a plan that will help you organize YOUR thoughts in English
    1. Pick 1 topic that interests you
    2. Using the 5Ws as a guide, write down as many details as you can for each W
    3. Then speak for 1 minute about each section (using the details you wrote down)

CHALLENGE #3 [Phase 3 of Intermediate English]

EXPLANATION: You get stuck when you try to support your opinion on something


  1. Find 1 intermediate level English question
  2. Write it in your notebook and then draw 4 answer boxes underneath the question [Details, Reasons, Examples, and Personal Experiences]
  3. Fill the answer boxes with 3 details, 3 reasons, 3 examples, and 3 personal experiences

CHALLENGE #4 [Phase 4 of Intermediate English]

EXPLANATION: It’s hard to find methods & techniques online that will help you at this level


  1. Have a plan that will help YOU finally move to the advanced English level
    1. Select 1 drama, 1 movie, and 1 YouTube channel to focus on for one month
    2. Write down and study all the new words and expressions you hear the native speakers use
    3. Analyze the conversations and take notes on how they speak


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