How to think in English

In this lesson you will learn how to think in English.




Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani. I am Teacher Tiffani and today I am going to teach you How to think in English. This lesson will improve your ability to speak clearly and logically in English. Are you ready? Well then, let’s jump right in.

Thinking involves interactions between pathways that carry information from one part of your brain to the next. Simply put, there are triggers that lead to chain reactions in your brain. Let’s look at how this works.

The Lesson : Part 1

When you are driving, you are presented with various signs, colors, and objects. But, when you see the color green it triggers a reaction in your brain. The green trigger makes you think of going forward. The red trigger on the other hand, makes you think that you have to stop.

In a study that was done regarding triggers and the brain, it was found that many fast food companies use the colors red and yellow. This is because red triggers appetite and hunger. While yellow, on the other hand, triggers the feelings of happiness and friendliness.”

For example, one of the largest global fast food chains is McDonald’s. And what colors do they use for their logo? You got it, red and yellow. That is because McDonald’s knows that red and yellow trigger people to think that they are hungry.

But, the truth is all of our thoughts start with some type of trigger.

Look at the next few images and see if you can think of the English word that matches them.

  • (Cat)
  • (Dog)
  • (Water)
  • (Apple)
  • (Banana)

How did you do? You probably got them all correct, right? You thought in English after seeing the proper triggers.

This is the secret to thinking in English. You must study with triggers. Basically, give your brain more things to connect to. And this extends past just simply one word triggers. You must also look for Situation and Emotional triggers in order to think in English.

The Lesson : Part 2

Ok, let’s test out this theory really quickly.

Does the English word for this image come to mind? Or do you only know what it is called in your own language? Well, in English this is called a “Tractor” one more time a “Tractor”.

So now, this image is a trigger for you to think of the word “Tractor” in English.

Ready for your test? Here we go:

(Show the images)

Did you get it? Once you saw the trigger, did you think about what it was in English? You did right? Great job!

The Lesson : Part 3

Now, let’s see if this really works with Situational triggers.

So, in this image we see two tractors that look like they were in an accident. But, we need an English expression or phrase that we can use so that we can think about this situation in English. The English expression is “plowed into”.  One more time, “plowed into”.

  • “The tractor plowed into the other tractor.”
  • Now, this image has become a trigger for a thought in English.

Ready, set, go!

Nice job! See, you just thought in English.

Finally, let’s check out emotional triggers that will help you think in English.

In this image we see someone who is injured. And they are probably feeling lots of pain. So how can we describe this feeling or emotion?

  • We can use “My whole body aches”
    • “After the accident, my whole body was aching.”

Now, this image has  become an emotional trigger for a thought in English.

  • Tractor
  • Plowed into
  • My whole body aches

Let’s do it! Here we go!

  • My whole body aches
  • Tractor
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Plowed into
  • Water
  • Apple
  • Banana

Now start thinking in English (emphasis)

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~Teacher Tiffani’

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