Master English Like A Native: 9 STEPS TO TOTAL ENGLISH FLUENCY!

By watching this video lesson, you will learn the steps that will take you to the next level.


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9 Steps

1.  Set Realistic Goals [STRATEGIZE]

  • Description: Define clear, attainable, and measurable goals for your English learning progress.
  • Importance:

1. Goals keep you motivated and focused on progress.

2. They allow for monitoring of achievements and areas needing improvement.

3. Realistic goals prevent feelings of overwhelm and burnout.

2. Engage in Regular Listening Practice [INPUT]

  • Description: Listen to English content such as songs, podcasts, and movies to improve comprehension and language feel.
  • Importance:

1. It acquaints you with different accents and speech patterns.

2. Enhances the ability to understand spoken English in various contexts.

3. Develops the skill to catch nuances and idiomatic expressions.

3. Immerse Yourself in the Language [INPUT]

  • Description: Surround yourself with English through media, conversations, and literature. You should also do this by thinking in English.
  • Importance:

1. Creates a natural learning environment for the language.

2. Helps in picking up slang and colloquial phrases.

3. Accelerates the learning process through constant exposure.

4. Read Extensively [INPUT]

  • Description: Read a wide range of materials in English, including books, articles, and online content.
  • Importance:

1. Reading introduces more vocabulary and sentence patterns.

2. It strengthens understanding of context and culture.

3. Improves overall language comprehension and learning speed.

5. Write Regularly [OUTPUT]

  • Description: Keep a journal, write essays, or even social media posts in English to practice writing skills.
  • Importance:

1. Writing helps you formulate your thoughts and ideas better in English.

2. It allows you to express thoughts clearly and cohesively.

3. Provides a method for active recall and language review.

6. Speak a lot [OUTPUT]

  • Description: Practice speaking regularly, with native speakers if possible, or through language exchange programs.
  • Importance:

1. Active use of the language helps in retaining learned material.

2. Speaking practice develops fluency over time.

3. It aids in overcoming the fear of making mistakes.

7. Practice Pronunciation and Intonation [OUTPUT]

  • Description: Work on the way you say words and the rhythm of your speech through listening and repeating exercises.
  • Importance:

1. Accurate pronunciation helps others understand you better.

2. Good intonation keeps listeners engaged and conveys the correct meaning.

3. It boosts your confidence in speaking publicly.

8. Teach Others English [SHARE / ACTION]

  • Description: Share your knowledge with other learners because teaching can reinforce your own understanding.
  • Importance:

1. Teaching tests your knowledge and clarifies concepts.

2. It requires you to stay informed and sharp in your language skills.

3. Helps in developing patience and empathy, which are key in language learning.

9. Reflect on Your Progress [REFLECT]

  • Description: Take time to review your progress, celebrate your successes, and plan for future learning strategies.
  • Importance:

1. Reflection helps in recognizing your growth and boosts motivation.

2. It aids in identifying effective learning strategies for you.

3. Recognizing achievements can increase self-confidence in using English.

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