New English movies: Tips to learn English easily

Okay, so the pandemic might have slowed things down, but it’s the summer of 2021, and the movie industry is slowly regaining momentum. New English movies seem to be coming out left and right this summer. What does that mean for you? I know you may be wondering why I’m talking about this so let me tell you. As an English language learner, it’s good for you to watch movies in English. It makes learning English a lot easier and quite frankly, fun. Watching movies in English allows you to learn social cues, pronunciation, accents, cultures, and it gives you a live view of examples on how to use the words you hear. Also, let’s face it, watching a movie is much easier than studying, now isn’t it?

Is consuming content a good idea for learning another language?

Well duh! Movies are a great tool when learning a new language. However, this tool is often overlooked because when you’re sitting and watching a movie, it doesn’t really feel like studying. People are under the assumption that studying needs to be all work and no play because often, that is the case. Watching movies in English will not even seem like studying, but it is! So, if I were you, I’d take advantage of this new knowledge and go with an English movie right now. Oh wait, at least finish reading this post first, I may even provide you with an English movie list to start you down this wonderful new path of “studying”.

How to learn English with movies: quick tips

As we have already established, learning English through movies is good. You don’t have to feel bad about “not studying” when you’re watching a movie in English because, well, you are studying. Good for you! Now, what exactly are you studying though? English, yes, but what about English are you studying. Here, I will give you some tips on what to pay attention to, and how to learn English through movies for beginners.

Raw English

Going to school is good. A classroom setting is great. Textbooks, they are useful, but nothing compares to listening to a real, live, English conversation. By watching English movies, you can learn to speak English naturally and modernly. That way, you’re never stuck sounding like an English robot.

Pronunciation game

Learning vocabulary is one thing, but pronunciation is key, and it can be hard to learn the correct pronunciation of words. So, with watching movies, you are able to hear the correct way to say things. For fun, why don’t you try to reenact scenes from these movies with your friends, and see you how your pronunciation and acting skills are.

Regional accents

English is the native language of multiple countries around the world, and with that, comes accents. No matter what kind of English movie you’re watching, you will be able to hear some sort of accent, which will help you understand accents better. Like I said, textbooks can be useful, but this is where textbooks are just no good at all, as they seldom provide any information on accents.

New English movies to learn the language

Looking for the best movies to learn English? Look to further, I got your back here! Now, I knew the title here suggests that all these movies are new. When I say “new” I mean, within the last 20 years or so. I won’t mention any classic movies here, but I will be sure to mention great ones, within my lifetime, that I truly believe are the best movies to learn English.

The Theory of Everything (2014)

Okay, so it’s really crazy that I’m listing this movie first because actually, I watched this movie for the first time today. Not only is it a great move about the life of scientist Stephen Hawking, but the characters in this movie have perfect “Queens” British accents. That means that the characters speak in clear and correct in upper class British English. So, that’s why, out of all the movies to learn English, this movie is top of my list.

Toy Story (1995)

Ok, this one is a little bit older, but come on, it’s childhood gold! This is such a great movie to watch at any age, but of course, it is a Disney Pixar film that is geared towards children. The vocabulary in this movie, as it is indeed a children’s movie, is fairly simple to understand. Which is great for beginner English language learners who are wondering how to learn English from movies. In fact, if you’re new to English I suggest starting with this movie.

The Jurassic Park/ World Series (1993-2022)

This series is amazing and seems never ending. In fact, a new movie is in the works now, and plans to have a release date in 2022. Hooray! The Jurassic series is just downright a great series. I mean, come on, dinosaurs! There’s dinosaurs! No, but in all reality, it’s a good movie where you can learn a massive variety of vocabulary. From business, to casual, so scientific, the Jurassic series has it all.

Well, there you have it. In my opinion, these are the best English movies to learn English. Hey, still there? Don’t run off to your TV just yet, I still have one more paragraph for you.

To sum up, learning English through movies can be extremely beneficial. Your learning pronunciation, vocabulary, accents, culture, and just the natural flow of conversation. Textbooks can only teach you so much, and a lot of times, when you learn from a textbook, you go out and sound sort of robot-like. Watching movies in English will allow you to sound more natural in your speech. Now, I bet you’re thinking “okay, I have a list of movies to learn English with subtitles.” Nope, wrong. Well, of course, you can do whatever you want. I do, however, encourage you to watch the movies both with and without subtitles. Yes, that means you must watch the movie a couple of times, but it will definitely benefit you! Okay, now you guys can go turn that TV on, and enjoy “studying” English!

Written by: The SEWT Team

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Tanja Liebert
Tanja Liebert
2 years ago

Thanks for the recommendations! I love Toy Story very much but have never watched this animation in English. I think I would love to watch it in the original language again! 
I agree that learning English by watching movies can be very effective. But it’s suitable for more advanced learners, not complete beginners. 

10 months ago

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9 months ago

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