REAL ENGLISH CONVERSATION | Learn Real English From Real English Conversations Episode 3

By watching this video lesson, you will learn how to finally have a real English conversation.


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Words / Expressions / Patterns + Definitions + 3 Example Sentences

  1. Pretty good
    a. Meaning: Average or Extremely good [It all depends on the way it is used and the person’s facial expression when they use it].
    i. I was a pretty good baseball player when I was in high school.
    ii. The sermon was pretty good.
    iii. The lasagna was pretty good.
  2. It was on
    a. Meaning: This is what you say when the battle/showdown/project is about to begin, or when you want to fight someone after school
    i. Let’s go! It’s on!
    ii. After he threw the first punch, it was on.
    iii. When the shot went off, the race was on.
  3. To thoroughly enjoy something
    a. Meaning: To enjoy something completely, totally, or very much
    i. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
    ii. They thoroughly enjoyed her oatmeal this morning.
    iii. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Breakdown / Analysis

  1. Reminiscing
    a. In this part of the conversation, O.B. is talking about his past experience. But, you can tell that he is reminiscing because he goes into detail about his feelings during that time. This is something that is very important to English fluency.b. So remember these three things when you speak about your experience:
    i. Talk about the experience
    ii. Talk about how you felt during the experience
    iii. Talk about how you felt after the experience

Words / Expressions / Patterns + Definitions + 3 Example Sentences

      1. Press clipping
        a. Meaning: A paragraph or short article cut out of a newspaper or magazine
        i. He bombarded me with press clippings attesting to his fame.
        ii. Outside the cafeteria, a small noticeboard shows press clippings.
        iii. His wallet was always full of press clippings of funny stories that he would read to fellow members.
      2. School somebody
        a. Meaning: To educate or put a person in his or her place; to teach someone something
        i. I’m about to school you.
        ii. I heard that he schooled you yesterday.
        iii. She didn’t want to be schooled by anyone.
      3. To have it goin’ on
        a. Meaning: To be attractive or socially successful or have an aura of success
        i. He really had it going on when he was in high school.
        ii. Everyone likes her because she has it going on.
        iii. He thinks he has it going on.
      4. Break out something
        a. Meaning: To present something for use, especially something that had been stored out of sight or concealed
        i. Break out the cake! It’s time to celebrate your birthday!
        ii. I dove under the counter when the robber broke out a gun.
        iii. He broke out his awards to show his kids.
      5. Speaks for itself
        a. Meaning: If something speaks for itself, it is clear and needs no further explanation
        i. The school’s excellent record speaks for itself.
        ii. I think my work these past few months speaks for itself and makes me more than qualified for this position.

Breakdown / Analysis

  1. Proving one’s point by providing supporting information/details
    a. In this part of the conversation, O.B. starts to present information that proves he was good at playing football. He says that he will show me some press clippings. These clippings were the proof his wife needed to believe his story.
    b. So remember this rule when you are giving your opinion or story:
    i. Always provide supporting information and details that will help people believe what you are saying
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