REAL LIFE ENGLISH | Speak English Like a Native Speaker – Episode 6

In this lesson, you will learn how to speak fluently in English and use the words and expressions used by native English speakers. This is episode 6 of the “Real Life English” series. By following this series, you will increase your confidence and your ability to answer questions in English without being nervous.


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Vocabulary / Expressions

  1. Rolling (Laughing)
  2. Focused
  3. Popped collar
  4. Studious
  5. Collaboration

Definitions, Example Sentences, and Patterns

  1. Rolling
    1. Definition: To laugh very hard
    2. Example Sentence: The kids were rolling when the little boy told them a funny joke.
    3. Sentence Pattern: “I was rolling when _________________________.”
  2. Focus
    1. Definition: Giving a lot of attention to one particular thing
    2. Example Sentence: All of the students were focused on their exam questions.
    3. Sentence Pattern: “I focus the most when I __________________________.”
  3. Popped collar
    1. Definition: Popping or lifting the collar of a shirt up so that it covers the neck
    2. Example Sentence: The high school seniors liked to pop their collars to show that they were cool.
    3. Sentence Pattern: “Whenever I wear my _______________ I like to pop my collar.”
  4. Studious
    1. Definition: A studious person enjoys studying or spends a lot of time studying
    2. Example Sentence: The woman was very quiet and studious.
    3. Sentence Pattern: “______________ was the most studious person I knew when I was in high school.”
  5. Collaboration
    1. Definition: The situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing
    2. Example Sentence: The three students working in close collaboration to finish the project on time.
    3. Sentence Pattern: “A collaboration between __________________ is required to _______________.”

Quiz Questions [Fill-in-the-blank]

  1. Rolling
    1. Quiz Question: The girl was rolling after she heard the joke.
  2. Focus
    1. Quiz Question: They were all focused on the routine they had to do for their performance.
  3. Popped collar
    1. Quiz Question: Michael said that he always popped his collar when he was in university.
  4. Studious
    1. Quiz Question: Samantha was always very studious, so no one was surprised when she became the class valedictorian.
  5. Collaboration
    1. Quiz Question: The new airport is a collaboration between two of the best architects in the country.
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