SOUND LIKE A PRO | Mastering Everyday English Idioms

By watching this video lesson, you will learn 10 English idioms that will help you be more comfortable in business situations.


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  1. Hit the road:
    • Definition: To embark on a journey or start a trip.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. We need to hit the road early tomorrow if we want to avoid traffic.
      2. After months of planning, it’s finally time to hit the road and explore the countryside.
      3. The band members packed their instruments and hit the road for their nationwide tour.
  2. Take off:
    • Definition: To depart or leave, especially by plane.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. Our flight is scheduled to take off in an hour, so we should head to the airport now.
      2. The plane took off smoothly despite the stormy weather.
      3. It’s always exciting to take off on a new adventure and explore unknown places.
  3. On the road:
    • Definition: Traveling or away from home.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. I’m constantly on the road for work, visiting different cities every week.
      2. They had to spend several nights on the road during their cross-country trip.
      3. Being on the road can be tiring, but it’s also an opportunity to see new places and meet new people.
  4. Catch a red-eye:
    • Definition: To take a late-night or overnight flight.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. We had to catch a red-eye flight to attend the early morning conference.
      2. She was exhausted from catching a red-eye flight and barely slept on the plane.
      3. They decided to catch a red-eye to arrive at their destination in the morning.
  5. Travel light:
    • Definition: To travel with only a minimal amount of belongings.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. We decided to travel light and only brought a backpack.
      2. She prefers to travel light so that she can quickly move from one place to another.
      3. Traveling light allows us to be more flexible and spontaneous during our trips.
  6. Off the beaten track:
    • Definition: In a less common or well-known place.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. They love to go off the beaten track to find hidden gems and less crowded attractions.
      2. The small village they visited was off the beaten track but offered an authentic cultural experience.
      3. Instead of visiting popular tourist destinations, they decided to go off the beaten track and discover unique locations.
  7. Make a pit stop:
    • Definition: To stop briefly during a journey, usually to rest or refuel.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. We need to make a pit stop to refill the car’s gas tank and grab a quick snack.
      2. During the long road trip, they made a pit stop at a scenic spot to stretch their legs and take photos.
      3. It’s important to make regular pit stops during a road trip to prevent fatigue and enjoy the journey.
  8. Jet lag:
    • Definition: Fatigue and disorientation caused by traveling across multiple time zones.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. It took them a few days to recover from the jet lag after their long flight.
      2. Jet lag can make it difficult to adjust to a new time zone and disrupt sleep patterns.
      3. To minimize jet lag, it’s important to stay hydrated and gradually adjust your sleep schedule.
  9. Off the grid:
    • Definition: In a remote, isolated, or disconnected location, often without modern amenities.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. They decided to go off the grid and spend a week camping in the wilderness.
      2. The cabin they rented was off the grid, allowing them to disconnect from technology and enjoy nature.
      3. The remote island they visited was off the grid, with no electricity or phone service.
  10. Live out of a suitcase:
    • Definition: To be constantly traveling or on the move, with no permanent residence.
    • Example Sentences:
      1. As a flight attendant, she has to basically live out of a suitcase.
      2. The nomadic lifestyle allowed them to live out of a suitcase and experience different cultures.
      3. Living out of a suitcase can be challenging, but it offers a sense of freedom and adventure.

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