SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY | How To Express Your Ideas Clearly In 5 Parts

By watching this video lesson, you will learn the 5 parts you need to speak fluently in English like me.

Part 1 | State the Topic or Question

Explanation: The first step is to state the topic that is being discussed. This will set the foundation and help your listener focus on what you are going to say.

Part 2 | State other basic views quickly

Explanation: The second step is to state various views on the topic. This will show that you are aware of other viewpoints and that you have chosen your viewpoint after a lot of careful thought.

Part 3 | State your viewpoint clearly

Explanation: The third step is to state your viewpoint clearly. This will let the listener know what your idea is and will make them curious to know more about your idea.

Part 4 | Give 3 supporting pieces of information

Explanation: The fourth step is to give three supporting pieces of information for your viewpoint. This will clarify and validate your idea, which will help the listener understand your idea more.

Part 5 | Restate the topic and your viewpoint

Explanation: The fifth step is to restate the topic and your viewpoint. This will help the listener remember what you said.

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