Story | Michael’s first love


It was the first day of the fall semester at Ohio State University and hundreds of students could be seen moving about around the campus. Michael was one of those students and his excitement was written all over his face. This was his first day as a university student. He had prepared for this day throughout the previous summer.

As he walked into his first 8am class, he read the sign next to the door that said “Biology 101”. He had always loved Biology, so he knew that he would do well in the class. However, as he walked into the classroom, he suddenly began to feel a bit nervous. There were over 100 students in the classroom, but he knew no one. All of his friends were studying computers and he was the only one who had chosen to study biology.

When he finally found a place to sit, he immediately got out his book and started to arrange his desk. The desk next to him had been empty when he first sat down, but then someone sat next to him. Since he didn’t know anyone, he was going to be polite and just say a simple hello to the student. However, when he turned around and finally met eyes with the student next to him, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She smiled at him and said, “Hi, my name is Sarah.”

At that moment, Michael knew that he had fallen in love.

Now, try to find the Who, When, What, Where, and Why in the story.
Write your answers in the comments below.



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5 years ago

When he walked into the biology classroom on the first day at Ohio State University as a university student, he met eyes with a girl next to him and knew that he had fallen love with her. Because he was sure about the girl is the most beautiful who he had ever seen.

3 years ago

First day fall
Fall in love
At university
Sara smiled

1 year ago

Who: Michael
When: the first day of the fall semester
What: he had fallen in love
Where: at Ohio State University, in the Biology classroom
Why: Sarah was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen

2 months ago

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