The #1 Way To Speak English Like A Native Speaker

In this lesson, you will learn the best way to finally speak English like a native English speaker.


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The Struggle

Even though you have been studying English for years, you are still not able to speak English fluently.

In other words, you still don’t speak English like a native English speaker.

EXAMPLE 1: You passed an English exam, but you still get stuck when you try to express yourself in certain situations.

EXAMPLE 2: You can understand what English speakers say, but when you try to express yourself it does not come out the same way.

EXAMPLE 3: You keep studying advanced English books, but they don’t seem to be helping you speak English better.

The Solution

The solution to your English fluency issue is to learn how to organize your thoughts like a native English speaker.

In other words, you have to learn the thought organization techniques that native English speakers learn.

POINT 1: Native English speakers spend years practicing the technique of “thought organization”. We work on expressing details, giving examples, and also connecting our personal experiences to the topics we are discussing. [Asking Sydney to organize her thoughts even when she was a 2-year-old + My experience in high school with Ms. Candelaria]

POINT 2: When you get to the intermediate-advanced English level, you need to change the way that you study. Basically, at this point, you need to start mastering the “thought organization” technique.

POINT 3: In order to master the “thought organization” technique, you need to organize and access the information that you have been putting into your brain. Organizing your thoughts is more important than inputting more information.

A Real-Life Example

You can master the “thought organization” technique by watching and listening to others apply it in real life.

In other words, the more you observe native English speakers applying the “thought organization” technique, the easier it will be for you to apply it as well.


THOUGHT ORGANIZATION: Details + Examples + Personal Experiences


  1. Tiffani: I love it! All right, so I’ll get started. The first question I wanna ask you is “What is fashionable in your city nowadays? Like, do you like the current fashion and if so, why? If not, why not? Like, so what’s the kind of the current, you know what I’m saying, the trendy fashion statement right now?”
  2. Carley: So right now, I’m currently in like Northwest Atlanta and I’m in like a little suburban area. So, a lot of times you just see sweatpants, leggings and like athletic wear it’s called athleisure.
  3. Tiffani: Yes!
  4. Carley: You see that a lot. And when I first moved here, I was like “Eww, never! How dare they wear athletic clothes when they are not going to the gym.” But you know, ever since COVID started and I basically, I work from home and I don’t really do much.
  5. Tiffani: Exactly!
  6. Carley: I have turned into one of those people that wear athletic clothes even when I’m not going to the gym.
  7. Tiffani: Yes!
  8. Carley: I have adapted to all the other moms in this area and I wear sweatpants or leggings or hoodies and different, like different workout shirts just to go to the store and people look at me like, “Oh! She must have just worked out. Good for her.” And I’m like, I just spent seven hours on Netflix and then I came here to get me some groceries wearing these clothes, you know.
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