Why Are You Stuck At The Same English Level

By watching this video lesson, you will learn the solutions you need to take your English to the next level.



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  1. Reason # 1 | You don’t know what to study
    • Main Problem: Too many options…
    • Solutions
      • Study in groups
        • “Think of topics that you are actually interested in (and speak about regularly). Then, find words, expressions, idioms, and discussion questions about those topics.”
      • Create goal specific study plans
        • “Think about what you want to accomplish. Then find study plans/guides that will help you reach those goals. This solution will help you know exactly what to study and for how long.”
  2. Reason # 2 | You don’t have time to study
    • Main Problem: It’s hard to balance work, family, and life…
    • Solutions
      • Pick one set time to study each day
        • “You can decide the exact amount of time, but try to select a specific time that you will study every single day. This may be 5 minutes in the morning or 10 minutes at night.”
      • Change up the style
        • “If you change things up you won’t be as bored. Instead, you will look forward to studying English. In other words, you will make time for something you enjoy.”
  3. Reason # 3 | You don’t have a way to practice
    • Main Problem: You don’t have anyone to practice with…
    • Solutions
      • Join an online group
        • “There are tons of online groups where you can practice your English. But, remember to look for groups related to your interests. Join them and start participating.”
      • Role play scenes
        • “Role playing will help you get more comfortable and also understand the importance of body language when you speak in English. You can also shadow videos you see online.”
  4. Reason # 4 | You are tired and burnt out
    • Main Problem: You feel overwhelmed and tired…
    • Solution
      • Take a scheduled break every 2 weeks
        • “Your body needs physical rest, but your mind also needs mental rest. So, schedule a “mental break” every 2 weeks. Study hard for 2 weeks and then select a full day (or 2) to simply do nothing at all related to English.”
  5. Reason # 5 | You keep comparing yourself to others
    • Main Problem: You feel like other people are better…
    • Solutions
      • Stop looking at other people
        • “You have to stop worrying about other people and their English skills. Focusing on other people only brings stress and discouragement.”
      • Analyze yourself
        • “You should take the time to analyze your personal progress and see where you need to improve. Then periodically go back and see how you have improved.”








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4 years ago

I am in such situation ubout to be stuck in my leaning English. I have been conclusively stuck at intermediate level many years ago.
I’ll try to follow your recomendations, bu I am not so organised person as you are.
Could you recomend me a groop with people how are interested in mountain skiing at amators level, please!
Thank you for your emoutional recomandations!

1 year ago

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