15 Things Every English Learner Should Stop Saying Now

By watching this video lesson, you will learn 15 things that you should saying now if you want to truly speak English fluently.


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Here is a list of 15 things English learners should stop saying:

  1. “It’s too difficult.”
    1. Instead, say “I need more time to understand this.”
  2. “I can’t speak fluently.”
    1. Instead, say “I’m working on improving my fluency.”
  3. “I’ll never sound like a native speaker.”
    1. Instead, embrace your own unique accent and focus on effective communication rather than perfection.
  4. “I’ll never understand native speakers.”
    1. Instead, remember that with practice and exposure, your understanding will improve over time.
  5. “I’ll never be able to write well.”
    1. Instead, believe in your ability to improve your writing skills through practice and feedback.
  6. “I don’t have a good memory for vocabulary.”
    1. Instead, employ various techniques like repetition, mnemonics, and context to enhance your vocabulary retention.
  7. “I’ll never overcome my accent.”
    1. Instead, remember that while your accent may persist, focus on clear pronunciation and effective communication rather than eliminating your accent entirely.
  8. “I can’t understand movies or TV shows in English.”
    1. Instead, start with subtitles and gradually reduce reliance on them as your listening skills develop.
  9. “I can’t improve my listening skills.”
    1. Instead, practice active listening, engage in conversations, and use online resources designed for listening comprehension.
  10. “I can’t learn English because of my age.”
    1. Instead, remember that age is not a barrier to learning a new language. It may require different strategies, but progress is possible.
  11. “I’ll never be able to think in English.”
    1. Instead, remember that with consistent practice and immersion, you can develop the ability to think in English.
  12. “I’ll never be able to understand fast speech.”
    1. Instead, gradually expose yourself to faster speech through listening exercises and authentic materials.
  13. “I can’t learn English without a teacher.”
    1. Instead, remember that while a teacher can provide guidance, there are many self-study resources available to support your learning.
  14. “I can’t learn English because I’m too busy.”
    1. Instead, find small pockets of time throughout the day for language learning activities, such as listening to podcasts or practicing vocabulary.
  15. “I’ll never be fluent in English.”
    1. Instead, believe in your potential and keep working towards fluency, knowing that progress takes time and effort.
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Dak Nyibong
Dak Nyibong
2 months ago

Am eager to learn more Vocabularies and Conversation my language background is Arabic where I had completed my study thinks got changed in my county after the separation totally in to English and I became with my fellow colleagues in croos road even to practice my career became obstacle.
How could your nice and excellence learning help me to learn English language specially my specialization demand more in conversations

2 months ago

I am surprised by listing your lessons and also wishing for watching more videos

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Ko bill
Ko bill
2 months ago

Want to learn

11 days ago

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