511 : English Student Experience | Meet Robert Ha

In today’s episode, you will learn more about one of my student’s experiences with studying English.

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Mmalefu Josinah Tshabalala
Mmalefu Josinah Tshabalala
2 months ago

Hi Teacher Tiffani I am so happy to be your student, Teacher I was listening to your conversation with Robert. I was so impressed by Robert he is really amazing and I am trying to get the confidence of speaking English and I am really struggling to pronounce difficult words, to put my words in a right order or to create a sentence with the examples that I listed. Here are the examples ( in the, on the, unto, onto, at, by, to the and when a where do I use a or the etc). Actually I am struggling to… Read more »

Ahsanul Haque Tuhin
Ahsanul Haque Tuhin
2 months ago

what is the book’s name he said, Tiffani?

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