052 : Meet Taryn – An ESL teacher who spent time in Brazil!




  1. Give their introduction
    • Grew up in Idaho
    • Moved to Texas when she was 16
    • Played basketball in college (BYU Hawaii)
    • Graduated in February of 2017 (Degree: TESOL)
    • Went to Brazil as a missionary
    • Lived in Salvador (Brazil) – Lived there for a year as a missionary (5/2017 – 4/2017)
  2. Why did you become an English teacher and how long have you been an English teacher?
    • Knew that she wanted to be a teacher growing up
    • Wanted to teach something that mattered to people and could change their lives
    • Her time at BYU Hawaii influenced her desire to teach English
  3. Can you tell us about your first teaching experience?
    • Remembers how good she felt after teaching the classes
    • Her internship experience:
      • Taught at a refugee center in Idaho
      • It helped her realize that she loved teaching adults
      • Helped her realize that many people in America still need help speaking English
      • Worked one-on-one with a student from Congo
      • The student had never been to school, didn’t know how to write, and could not even hold a pencil
      • Used a lot of pictures, videos, and physical things to help her student understand
  4. As a teacher, what have you noticed are the three best qualities of a good English student?
    • A student who pays attention (Make connections to what you have heard/seen)
    • A student who is humble
    • A student who is diligent
    • *A student who is resilient*
  5. Did you ever have a favorite student? Tell us about him/her
    • Qualities of her favorite students / Stories
      • A student from the refugee camp
      • Taught a student how to read
      • Felt great to see him excited about recognizing words
    • Her friend Silvana
  6. What are the hardest things about teaching English?
    • Not feeling prepared
    • (Talked about her experience in Brazil)
  7. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • Loves being able to help students reach their goals
    • Loves empowering students
    • Loves teaching them skills and strategies to continue learning
  8. Do you speak another language? Tell us about it.
    • She speaks Portuguese
    • In order to be a better missionary, she wanted to learn Portuguese
    • Watch a lot of programs in the language, listen to a lot of programs, was immersed in the culture and language
    • Experienced frustration
    • After about 3 months, she started to understand
  9. Do you know any good English resources?
    • Watching shows like “Friends”
    • Watch shows about regular American life:
      • “This is us”
    • Books
      • “Of Beetles and Angels” Mawi Asgedom
  10. Advice for other 2nd language teachers, students, and teachers
    • Don’t give up even though it is challenging
    • The hardest things in life are usually the most rewarding
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4 years ago

Congratulation thank you!

Charlles Nunes
Charlles Nunes
4 years ago

Great podcast!

We teachers who LOVE what we do are very GRATEFUL for meeting other teachers alike! I was a missionary too, and while on the mission I found out I really wanted to do this all my life!

Since I was 23, it has been my privilege to help people learn English or Portuguese.

I am 50 years old now, and I believe the best is yet to come! 😉

Charlles Nunes, from Brazil too.

bouye camara
bouye camara
4 years ago

i really appreciate you guys conversation

Adriane feitoza
Adriane feitoza
4 years ago

Hey Tiffani, again a interesting podcast! Love it! I’m from Brazil and is nice to hear someone ‘s else (foreign) experience about my country. Taryn, thanks for let us (followers) know about your experience. I’m from SP, right now I’m based in The Netherlands. I guess it was hard for you indeed the first weeks, mostly because as Brazilian I know in small cities like the one you went I guess very few people speak English and sometimes rather Portuguese, unfortunately. As you I also do volunteer work with refugees hier, I give Dutch lessons so it was interesting to… Read more »

4 years ago

Daily conversation
Serious topics

Papia Majumder
Papia Majumder
4 years ago

Hi I want to talk and take

4 years ago
4 years ago

The God teacher ever

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