How to give a 5-minute speech in English

In this lesson you will learn how to properly give a 5-minute speech in English.



Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani. I am Teacher Tiffani and today I am going to teach you exactly How to give a 5 minute speech in English. This lesson will help you speak English more confidently in front of people. Are you ready to learn how? Well then, let’s jump right in.

Giving a speech is not easy. Especially when it is in English. But, there are 4 easy steps that can help you give an amazing speech in English.

Let’s begin…


Step 1 : The Attention Grabber

The Attention Grabber is the starting point of every speech. It is the step where we get, grab, and hold the attention of the audience.

There are three types of attention grabbers.

The first one is A story. For this one you start off by telling a short story that connects to your speech and is also engaging.

The second one is An Interesting Fact. For this one you want to tell an intriguing fact that directly  relates to your topic.

And the third one is A Question/Answer time. For this one your goal is to ask a thought provoking question that your audience will have to actually respond to. This will get them engaged with you from the beginning.

So, for example, if our speech was about Oprah Winfrey and her success, the three Attention Grabbers would be set up like this. (Remember that this section only lasts for 1 minute)

  • For the story “You can give a story about the success of Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful women in the entire world. By giving the story behind her success, you will have the attention of your audience from the very beginning of your speech.”
  • For the interesting fact, “You can give facts about the number of successful women there are in the world who are mothers.”
  • And finally For the question and answer time, “You can think of 2 -3 questions to ask the audience about their definition of success and also who is the most successful woman they know.”

Next, Step 2 : The Introduction

The Introduction is the transition section that leads directly into the topic of your speech. This step is simple but very important.

There are three types of Introductions.

The first one is General Details. For this one you simply give basic information about the topic.

The second one is 3 Main Points. For this one you state the three main points of your speech.

And the third one is State your opinion. For this one you can give just your main point on the topic.

So, for example, if our speech was about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the three Introductions would be set up like this. (Remember that this section only lasts for 1 minute)

  • For the general details you could say, “Today I will talk to you about Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the cofounder of Microsoft, which is the largest PC software company in the world.  His work has totally changed technology.  So, I would like to tell you the three reasons why I like him…”
  • For the three main points you could say, “Today I would like to discuss why Bill Gates is the most important man of the 21st Century. I have three main points for my opinion. First, he  is a genius. Second, without him many businesses would fail. And third, he is an innovator.”
  • And finally For state your opinion you could say, “Recently, there has been a debate about who is the greatest computer innovator. The debate compares Steve Jobs to Bill Gates. Both contributed a lot to our society, but in my opinion Bill Gates is the greatest computer innovator. Let me explain why.”

Now let’s look at  Step 3 : The Body

The Body section is the place where most of your information will be located. It is basically the meat of your speech. Which means that this is the information that will be most important for your audience.

There are three different ways to write your body.

The first one is 3 Details. For this one you choose three details about the topic and explain each of them in more detail.

The second one is 3 Reasons. For this one you give 3 reasons for your opinion and explain them in detail.

And the third one is 3 Examples. For this one you give 3 examples that support your opinion or the topic in general.

So, for example, if our speech was about lions, the three different ways to write our body would be set up like this. (Remember that this section lasts for 3 minutes)

  • For the three details style you could ”give three specific characteristics of lions and why those characteristics are amazing.”
  • For the three reasons style you could “give three reasons why lions are considered the king of the jungle.”
  • And finally For the three examples style you could “give three example stories of lions and how they behave in their natural environment.”

Finally, Step 4 : The Conclusion

The Conclusion is the very end of your speech and is quite important because it will be the last thing that your audience will remember.

There are three types of Conclusions.

The first one is Restate. For this one you simply state your points briefly one more time.

The second one is 3 Summarize. For this one you summarize your opinion one more time.

And the third one is Make a final point. For this one you make a final strong point to emphasize your opinion.

Remember that this section only lasts for 1 minute)

And there you have it. How to give a speech in English in 4 easy steps!

Until next time, try to use this vocabulary word at least one time everyday. You can do it! You can Speak English!

~Teacher Tiffani’

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Mohd hafiz
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