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In this lesson you will learn how to properly use the English vocabulary word “Accurate”.



Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani. I am Teacher Tiffani and today I am going to teach you exactly How to use English vocabulary in real life. In this lesson you will learn practical uses for the word Accurate. Are you ready to increase your vocabulary? Well then, let’s jump right in.

The word accurate means, “Correct in all details; to be exact, perfect, or precise.”

The definition seems quite easy, but how can you actually use this English vocabulary word in real life?  Well, to do this we must look at our daily schedule. In other words, we have to start from the time we wake up and go all the way to bedtime.

Let’s begin…


First we Wake up

My alarm was quite accurate this morning. (Repeat)

The next thing we usually do is Eat breakfast

I had an accurate amount of calories for breakfast. (Repeat)

After breakfast we Leave for work

The app gave accurate information about the bus. (Repeat)

Then we spend time At the office

The financial statements must be accurate. (Repeat)

Then it is Lunchtime

McDonald’s is always accurate with my order. (Repeat)

After lunch we sometimes have Meetings

He told us that everything had to be accurate. (Repeat)

When we get off from work we sometimes Meet with our friends

My friends usually give me accurate advice. (Repeat)

Then we go home and spend time Relaxing

I spent an accurate amount of time relaxing today. (Repeat)

And finally we realize that it is Bedtime

The time on my click was accurate. (Repeat)

And now you have learned the vocabulary word “Accurate”.

Until next time, try to use this vocabulary word at least one time everyday. You can do it! You can Speak English!

~Teacher Tiffani’

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