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1. Reciprocate

a. Definition: To respond to a gesture or action by making a corresponding one.

b. Example Sentences:

i.    After she invited him to her party, he felt compelled to reciprocate by inviting her to his gathering.

ii.   The love and respect we give to our friends are often reciprocated in unexpected ways.

iii.   I always attempt to reciprocate the kindness shown to me by my colleagues.

2. Amicable

a. Definition: Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.

b. Example Sentences:

i.    Despite the breakup, they maintained an amicable relationship and stayed friends.

ii.   The amicable discussion between the two leaders facilitated a new trade agreement.

iii.   It’s important to settle disputes in an amicable manner to preserve peace in the community.

3. Condone

a. Definition: To accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue.

b. Example Sentences:

 i.    I cannot condone lying, even if it’s meant to protect someone’s feelings.

ii.   The school does not condone bullying in any form.

iii.  His behavior was inexcusable, and I refuse to condone it by staying silent.

4. Estranged

a. Definition: (of a person) no longer close or affectionate to someone; alienated.

b. Example Sentences:

i.    After years of bitter arguments, they became estranged from each other.

ii.   He spoke sadly of his estranged brother, whom he hadn’t seen in years.

iii.  The letter was from her estranged husband, who had left the country.

5. Infallible

a. Definition: Incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

b. Example Sentences:

i.    She regarded her grandfather as an infallible source of wisdom.

ii.   Even the most experienced professionals are not infallible.

iii.  We must remember that human judgment is not infallible.

6. Indispensable

a. Definition: Absolutely necessary; essential.

b. Example Sentences:

i.    Trust is an indispensable component of a healthy relationship.

ii.   Her support was indispensable during my time of need.

iii.  This reference book is an indispensable resource for researchers.

7. Benevolent

a. Definition: Well-meaning and kind.

b. Example Sentences:

i.   His benevolent smile made everyone in the room feel at ease.

ii.   The charity is known for its benevolent work with the homeless.

iii.   A benevolent benefactor anonymously donated a large sum to the hospital.

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