REAL LIFE ENGLISH | Speak English Like A Native Speaker Episode 2

In this lesson, you will learn how to speak fluently in English and use the words and expressions used by native English speakers. This is episode 2 of the “Real Life English” series. By following this series, you will increase your confidence and your ability to answer questions in English without being nervous.

Pattern & Examples

PATTERN: Name + Reason/Situation

  1. Situation #1
    1. “Honey, you are more tech savvy than me. Can you please show me how to work this new phone you bought for me?”
  2. Situation #2
    1. “Michael, you know that you tower over me. Would you put the meat on the top shelf of the freezer? Pretty please?”
  3. Situation #3
    1. “Hey Susan, I’m trying to knock out my resume but it’s taking longer than I expected. I know you are the resume guru, so would you mind looking over it for me?”

Vocabulary / Expressions

  1. “Honey”: A term of endearment for someone you love
  2. “Tech Savvy”: Well informed about or good at using modern technology
  3. “Work something”: To use something
  4. “Tower over”: To be much taller than (someone or something)
  5. “Pretty please”: Used to ask someone for something or persuading them to do something by sounding friendly
  6. “Knock out something”: To complete or finish something
  7. “Longer than expected”: To take longer than you initially thought it would
  8. “Look over something”: To review or check something for errors
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