REAL LIFE ENGLISH | Speak English Like A Native Speaker Episode 8

In this lesson, you will learn how to speak fluently in English and use the words and expressions used by native English speakers. This is episode 8 of the “Real Life English” series. By following this series, you will increase your confidence and your ability to answer questions in English without being nervous.


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Vocabulary / Expressions

  1. Beanie
  2. Comfy
  3. Studious
  4. Pleasant
  5. Expansive

Definitions, Example Sentences, and Patterns

  1. Beanie
    1. Definition: A small close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head
    2. Example Sentence: Did you see the man with the beanie on yesterday?
    3. Synonyms: Cap or fitted hat
  2. Comfy
    1. Definition: Comfortable
    2. Example Sentence: They decided to buy the comfy chair.
    3. Synonyms: Cozy, cushy, snug, or soft
  3. Studious
    1. Definition: A studious person enjoys studying or spends a lot of time studying
    2. Example Sentence: Many people said that the little boy was very studious.
    3. Synonyms: Scholarly, academic, intellectual, or brainy
  4. Pleasant
    1. Definition: enjoyable, attractive, friendly, or easy to like
    2. Example Sentence: He had a pleasant personality.
    3. Synonyms: Agreeable or enjoyable
  5. Expansive
    1. Definition: Covering a large area
    2. Example Sentence: There was an expansive view from the window.
    3. Synonyms: Extensive or spacious
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