By watching this video lesson, you will learn 7 English expressions that will help you speak English more fluently.


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  1. Cut to the chase
    • Definition: To get to the main point or important part without wasting time.
    • Example sentences:

° Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the key issues.

° I don’t have much time, so please cut to the chase.

° Instead of small talk, he preferred to cut to the chase in conversations.


2. Go the extra mile

    • Definition: To make an additional effort or put in extra work beyond what is expected.
    • Example sentences:

° She always goes the extra mile to help her colleagues with their projects.

° The company is known for its exceptional customer service because they always go the extra mile.

° Going the extra mile often leads to greater success and recognition.


3. Have a change of heart

    • Definition: To change one’s opinion, attitude, or decision about something.
    • Example sentences:

° He initially declined the offer, but later had a change of heart and accepted it.

° After his experience, she had a change of heart about her career path.

° Her recent trip made her have a change of heart about traveling alone.


4. Be in hot water

    • Definition: To be in trouble or facing a difficult situation due to one’s actions.
    • Example sentences:

° After missing the deadline, he found himself in hot water with his boss.

° She knew she would be in hot water for neglecting her responsibilities.

° Getting caught cheating in the exam landed him in hot water with the school authorities.


5. Bite off more than one can chew

    • Definition: To take on a task or responsibility that is too big or difficult to manage.
    • Example sentences:

° She bit off more than she could chew by accepting so many projects at once.

° Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

° Taking on that massive renovation project felt like biting off more than he could chew.


6. Burn the midnight oil

    • Definition: To work late into the night; to stay up late working or studying.
    • Example sentences:

° He had to burn the midnight oil to finish the project before the deadline.

° During exam week, students often burn the midnight oil to prepare.

 ° The writer burned the midnight oil to complete her novel.


7. Burn bridges

    • Definition: To damage relationships or cut off connections, usually in a way that is irreversible.
    • Example sentences:

° She regretted burning bridges with her former colleagues after leaving on bad terms.

° Quitting her job by yelling at the boss burned bridges for future references.

° It’s never a good idea to burn bridges, as you never know when you might need help.

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