122 : Topical English | “Crime” Part 2


This episode includes tons of new English vocabulary words and expressions. These words and expressions are used by native English speakers in natural English conversations. If you want to speak English more fluently and sound like a native English speaker, click the links below and start learning now.

  1. “Changed your ways”
  2. Model citizen
  3. That’s not going to fly
  4. Remove yourself rom the situation
  5. The capacity to remain positive
  6. The ball is in your court
  7. Sue someone
  8. Take legal action against someone
  9. Your rights are not being infringed upon
  10. Pay upfront
  11. Pay upon completion
  12. Collections
  13. Be Alert
  14. “Don’t let people in”
  15. Keep someone at arm’s length
  16. Problematic
  17. Open up (Letting someone in)
  18. Be on guard (protecting yourself) – “I was on guard.”
  19. “I don’t like labels / labeling people.”
  20. Profiling / Racial profiling
  21. Ever-present worry



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Yahya Amsdine
Yahya Amsdine
2 years ago


Fidel Ifulu
Fidel Ifulu
2 years ago

Awesome episode, ‘crime’ part 2. You kept me breathless when you summed up the lesson naturally connecting the five learned expressions! Thank you, coach. God bless you!

Amos Genaldo
Amos Genaldo
2 years ago

Please Teacher Tiffany, I would like to join your English class to help improved my English language.

Junior mwachinduka
Junior mwachinduka
1 year ago

Teacher i would like to join class academy

John leger
John leger
1 year ago

Thats great

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