638 : Topical English Vocabulary Lesson With Teacher Tiffani about Sports

In today’s episode, you will learn a series of vocabulary words that are connected to a specific topic. This lesson will help you improve your ability to speak English fluently about a specific topic. It will also help you feel more confident in your English abilities.

5 Vocabulary Words Related to the topic

1. Endurance (noun): The ability to withstand exertion, stress, or difficulty for a long time.

    • Example sentences:

° The marathon runner displayed incredible endurance throughout the entire race.

° Long bike rides require both physical and mental endurance.

° She trained for months to build the endurance needed to climb the mountain.

2. Agility (noun): The ability to move quickly and easily.

    • Example sentences:

° The gymnast’s agility allowed her to perform complex maneuvers on the balance beam.

° The soccer player’s agility helped him avoid being tackled by the defender.

° Cats are known for their agility and ability to jump from high places.

3. Momentum (noun): The force or speed of movement that continues to increase.

    • Example sentences:

° The basketball team gained momentum in the second half and went on to win the game.

° Once the runner achieved momentum, it was difficult to slow him down.

° A successful launch gives the spacecraft the momentum it needs to reach orbit.

4. Fumble (verb): To drop or handle the ball clumsily, especially due to a lack of concentration.

    • Example sentences:

° The quarterback fumbled the ball, and the opposing team recovered it.

° The basketball player fumbled the pass and missed the opportunity to score.

° Be careful not to fumble your phone while you’re walking.

5. Rally (verb): To recover from a losing position or disadvantage.

    • Example sentences:

° The tennis player rallied in the third set and won the match.

° After a slow start, the team rallied and finished the game strong.

° The company is working hard to rally from its recent financial losses.

A Paragraph using the 5 vocabulary words

The game was tied with seconds left! Their most agile player, known for her amazing endurance, snagged the ball. With impressive agility, she weaved through defenders, narrowly avoiding a fumble that could have ended their hopes. The crowd cheered wildly as she gained momentum, leaving the other team in the dust. In a final burst, she launched a perfect shot just as the buzzer blared. It was a close call, but the ball swished through the net! The underdog team had completed a fantastic rally, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

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