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Expression #1 | To talk trash about somebody

Definition: “To say insulting things about someone”

SENTENCES [Describe the same thing in 3 different ways]

  1. I heard, from a mutual friend, that he’s been talking trash about you.
  2. Why are you talking trash when he’s been nothing but kind to everyone?
  3. Stop talking trash if you can’t back up your statement.

Expression #2 | Concrete details

Definition: “A specific description of a particular item, person, or setting”

SENTENCES [Describe the same thing in 3 different ways]

  1. I’m going to need concrete details before we detain him.
  2. A patient may need to have the research described, in concrete detail, to make his decision.
  3. Detectives must have concrete details of the crime to start their investigation.

Expression #3 | To hint at something

Definition: “To talk about (something) in an indirect way”

SENTENCES [Describe the same thing in 3 different ways]

  1. He’s been hinting at the possibility of running for mayor.
  2. My son has been hinting to me about going out for ice cream.
  3. I tried hinting at my interests to Jane, but she’s not picking up any signals.

Expression #4 | First of all…

Definition: “Before doing anything else; at the beginning”

SENTENCES [Describe the same thing in 3 different ways]

  1. First of all, let me ask you something before you make your judgment.
  2. First of all, I’d like to give you a little background information.
  3. First of all, you’d need to clean the wall before you start painting it.

Expression #5 | To change one’s mind

Definition: “Adopt a different opinion or plan”

SENTENCES [Describe the same thing in 3 different ways]

  1. After showing her the evidence, she changed her mind about him.
  2. I changed her mind after showing her the reviews of the restaurant.
  3. After trying to plan a trip, Joe changed his mind due to this week’s weather forecast.
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