By watching this video lesson, you will learn how to use the words used by native English speakers.


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  1. Elevation [00:02]
  2. Slopes [00:26]
  3. Trail [00:27]
  4. Chafe [00:58]
  5. Snuggle [01:53]
  6. Exceptional [02:24]
  7. Anticlimactic [02:45]
  8. Laps [03:16]
  9. Steep [03:36]
  10. Gondola [04:58]
  11. Chunk [06:34]
  12. Vert [08:02]
  13. Oasis [08:09]
  14. Coursing [09:21]
  15. Ascent [09:50]
  16. Damp [11:49]
  17. Funk [12:28]
  18. Blister [13:38]
  19. Barely [14:22]
  20. Whip [15:51]
  21. Slick [18:10]
  22. Regenerated [18:58]
  23. Bliss [19:48]
  24. Hardcore [20:46]
  25. Delirious [20:48]
  26. Endurance [21:07]
  27. Mantra [21:11]
  28. Adrenaline rush [21:28]
  29. Pumped [21:33]
  30. Monsoon [21:52]
  31. Shrivel up [28:26]
  32. Compression [28:34]


  1. Elevation
    1. height above a given level, especially sea level.
      1. As they extend towards the east they increase in elevation.
      2. The city lies at an elevation of 610-750 ft.
      3. The ridge rises to an elevation of 3,000 feet.
  2. Slopes
    1. upward or downward slant or inclination or degree of slant.
      1. She was surprised to see the grassy slopes end at an abrupt cliff.
      2. The slopes of the Jura are covered with vineyards.
      3. The floor of the valley slopes gently eastwards.
  3. Trail
    1. a marked or established path or route especially through a forest or mountainous region.
      1. They hadn’t traveled far down the trail before she got a peripheral view of the building.
      2. At the top of the trail, she paused to catch her breath.
      3. For half an hour, Jenn tried to find his trail.
  4. Chafe
    1. to make or become sore or worn by rubbing.
      1. A wool dress can actually chafe delicate skin.
      2. Tight undergarments may make you chafe or leave scars.
      3. The foaming waves chafe against the rocky shore.
  5. Snuggle
    1. settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.
      1. I’d love to snuggle up in bed.
      2. He says it should be alright once they snuggle down into their sleeping bags.
      3. She moved to snuggle closer to the woman whom she had known and loved throughout the years.
  6. Exceptional
    1. unusual; not typical.
      1. Even an exceptional salesperson has an imperfect memory.
      2. Chris is a man of exceptional talent.
      3. The rules can only be waived in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Anticlimactic
    1. causing disappointment at the end of an exciting or impressive series of events.
      1. The conclusion of the movie was anticlimactic.
      2. I really think that would be the most anticlimactic thing.
      3. The performance itself was a touch anticlimactic.
  8. Laps
    1. one full circuit in a race.
      1. Every morning she swims 50 laps in the pool.
      2. The race ended with eight laps.
      3. He dropped out of the race after two laps.
  9. Steep
    1. rising or falling very sharply a steep slope/hillside.
      1. She screamed as she tumbled down a steep hill.
      2. The submarine slopes are steep.
      3. The town stands on a steep hill.
  10. Gondola
    1. a container in which passengers travel especially hung from a thick wire which moves up a mountain.
      1. Investigators have not been able to determine how the girl got out of the gondola.
      2. Visit the history museum or take a ride on the sulfur mountain gondola.
      3. What could be more romantic than a gondola ride in Italy?
  11. Chunk
    1. a thick, solid piece of something.
      1. Brady held up the chunk of steel.
      2. Dusty shouted as a chunk of stone crushed a stainless steel cabinet.
      3. Carmen grabbed a chunk of wood from the box.
  12. Vert
    1. a green forest vegetation providing food for a deer.
      1. The officer swore to preserve the vert and venison in the forest.
      2. In Tokyo, park and street skateboarding made their debut, but vert did not.
      3. Do you know the width of the vert?
  13. Oasis
    1. a fertile or green area in an arid region.
      1. A caravan road to the south goes through the oasis.
      2. They all could see the oasis in the distance.
      3. Did you see the oasis?
  14. Coursing
    1. to move or flow through something.
      1. His teeth rattled at the raw energy coursing within his body.
      2. She stared at the ashes and tears coursing down her cheeks.
      3. The familiar voice sent a thrill of excitement coursing through her veins.
  15. Ascent
    1. a climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill.
      1. The ascent is best undertaken in summer or autumn.
      2. The ascent was difficult and dangerous in many places.
      3. Judy jumped up from the bench and began a rapid ascent of the stairway.
  16. Damp
    1. slightly wet.
      1. Don’t sleep between damp sheets.
      2. The corner of the classroom was damp where the roof had leaked.
      3. I wiped the window with a damp rag.
  17. Funk
    1. a state of feeling sad.
      1. Two of them showed signs of being in a funk at the last moment.
      2. You might be in a serious funk after your best friend moves across the country.
      3. Dark winter days automatically put them in a bit of a funk.
  18. Blister
    1. a painful swelling on the skin often filled with a watery liquid.
      1. I’ve got a blister on my left foot.
      2. My boot is pressing against a blister on my toe.
      3. The blister broke when she pricked it.
  19. Barely
    1. only just; almost not.
      1. His voice was barely more than a whisper.
      2. I’d barely put the phone down before it rang again.
      3. He came back but he’s barely speaking to me.
  20. Whip
    1. to move somewhere very fast.
      1. What kind of snack could she whip up in fifteen minutes?
      2. A cold wind was whipping across the water.
      3. The wind whipped her hair into her eyes.
  21. Slick
    1. to make something very smooth and slippery.
      1. The mountain trail would be slick.
      2. The roads were slick with wet mud.
      3. Motorists are generally unaccustomed to driving on slick roads.
  22. Regenerated
    1. the state of being restored.
      1. After his holiday he felt regenerated.
      2. The electricity can then be regenerated by allowing the air to expand in a turbine.
      3. The land has been regenerated by the rotation of crops.
  23. Bliss
    1. perfect happiness; great joy.
      1. I am full of infinite bliss.
      2. My idea of bliss is a month in the Bahamas.
      3. My old dream of bliss vanished into thin air.
  24. Hardcore
    1. extreme or intense.
      1. Not all suits are for hardcore athletes.
      2. Even some hardcore watchers rarely look for spoilers.
      3. This game created many hardcore fans, even when the game was released on the Xbox.
  25. Delirious
    1. not able to think or speak clearly.
      1. The patient may be somewhat confused and delirious.
      2. The children were delirious as they opened the parcels.
      3. She had a high temperature and was delirious.
  26. Endurance
    1. the ability to sustain prolonged stressful activity.
      1. I never saw such strength and endurance in a child.
      2. She showed great endurance in the face of pain.
      3. Long-distance runners need great endurance.
  27. Mantra
    1. is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating.
      1. I have recited the mantra for one whole year.
      2. Some believe that using a mantra creates energy waves.
      3. Chris is particularly famous for her “home as haven” mantra.
  28. Adrenaline rush
    1. a feeling of anxiousness, nervousness, or pure excitement as the body and mind are preparing for an event.
      1. I always feel the adrenaline rush when I do public speaking.
      2. I had an adrenaline rush when I jumped out ****of the airplane.
      3. Performing in front of the audience really gets the adrenaline rush going.
  29. Pumped
    1. filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm.
      1. Football fanatics couldn’t have been more pumped **for the first high school football playoff game.
      2. The whole city’s so pumped for this championship and that’s unbelievable.
      3. Mike gets more pumped **to play basketball.
  30. Monsoon
    1. a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing or strongest winds of a region.
      1. The northwest monsoon brings the principal rainy season in the archipelago.
      2. All the western region is but slightly affected by the monsoon.
      3. Across India, tens of millions of farmers depend on monsoon **rains.
  31. Shrivel up
    1. wither or loss of moisture.
      1. The leaves started to shrivel up.
      2. The seedling has shriveled up a bit due to the hot sun.
      3. You’ll shrivel up if you stay in the bathtub for so long.
  32. Compression
    1. the act, process, or result of compressing.
      1. The compression valve self adjusts for fast recovery.
      2. Certain things are immune to compression.
      3. Compression reduces the size of e-mail transmission.
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