154 : English Vocabulary and Expressions – Hybrid, Electric car, A lemon, and Crash and burn

In today’s episode, you will learn new English vocabulary words and expressions related to the topic of cars. You will also hear tons of real-life stories that will help you understand the words and expressions more. This episode will give you the vocabulary and expressions you need to speak fluently in English about this topic.


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Meaning: a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.

  • Sentence 1: Hybrids have their advantages and save users money on gasoline purchases.
  • Sentence 2: The Toyota hybrid car, Prius, is my favorite fuel-efficient car.
  • Sentence 3: If you do your homework, I’m sure you will find a hybrid that will fit your needs.

Electric car

Meaning: A car which is propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

  • Sentence 1: Electric cars are the cars of the future.
  • Sentence 2: Paul enjoyed the financial benefits of having an electric car.
  • Sentence 3: Sally’s electric car provided safe transportation while reducing the environmental impact.


A lemon

Meaning: a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory.

  • Sentence 1: He purchased a used car, but it turned out to be a lemon.
  • Sentence 2: John really enjoyed driving his lemon, even though it broke down every other day.
  • Sentence 3: When her car worked, it was fun to let the convertible top down. Otherwise, it was a lemon.

Crash and burn

Meaning: to fail spectacularly

  • Sentence 1: I studied for hours but ended up crashing and burning.
  • Sentence 2: In the restaurant business, new restaurants often crash and burn.
  • Sentence 3: Although she was favored to win the downhill race, she crashed and burned on her first run.

Ebook | How To Make Long Sentences In English

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Antonio Guevara
Antonio Guevara
3 years ago

Excellent podcast episode! Yesterday night, I was on Google looking for podcasts for taking advantage of this tool for improving my skills, nothing shape to me!… So, I gave a shot at your podcast and It blown my mind away because turned out all I need for taking my English to next. level. I was listening another two episode and all of them were a whole ‘nother thing. Thanks Tiffani for sharing your experience and helping us to improve our English Skills…. Of course, the quote was amazing…. Thanks from Venezuelan!

Abielekpor Cynthia
Abielekpor Cynthia
3 years ago

I want the words to be elaborated further

Ibrahim Mohamed
Ibrahim Mohamed
3 years ago

Thank you ????????so much for this information

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binance h"anvisning
4 months ago

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2 months ago

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