054 : Meet Siseko – An ESL teacher who has a passion for teaching English!




  1. Give their introduction
    • From South Africa
    • Majors: Business Management, Financial Accounting, Information Systems
    • 32 years old
    • Currently working in South Korea as an ESL teacher
  2. Why did you become an English teacher and how long have you been an English teacher?
    • He was intrigued by the idea of teaching English and the Bible
    • He had a good feeling about it
    • He had a great previous experience
  3. Can you tell us about your first teaching experience?
    • He was scared and shaking
    • 7am / Level 1 class
    • “Like a deer in headlights”
    • Had to learn how to slow down and use words that students could understand
  4. As a teacher, what have you noticed are the three best qualities of a good English student?
    • Consistency / Hanging in there and not giving up
      • Think of English as a journey instead of a destination
    • The ability to accept your mistakes and correct them
    • The effective use of time
  5. Did you ever have a favorite student? Tell us about him/her
    • The students who are able to spend time with him outside of class
    • Ajummas (Korean housewives)
  6. What are the hardest things about teaching English?
    • The language barrier (Teaching students how to communicate)
    • Keeping students motivated
    • Watching students give up even though he is trying to motivate them
  7. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • The relationships he develops with students
    • Being able to impact lives
  8. Do you speak another language? Tell us about it.
    • 11 official languages in South Africa
    • Afrikaans (A form of dutch)
    • Zulu
    • Setswana
    • Sesotho
    • Xhosa
  9. Do you know any good English resources?
    • Read novels!
      • The Hunger Games Series
      • Goosebumps, R.L. Stine
  10. Advice for other 2nd language teachers, students, and teachers
    • Always keep in mind that learning English is a process
    • It does get easier
    • Don’t feel frustrated
    • Stay consistent
    • Have a goal
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Joel Carvalho
Joel Carvalho
4 years ago

Hi teacher Tiffany. I’m from Brazil and I adore study English but we doesn’t have many people around us that speak to. It is a problem for us. Do you know?

Joel Carvalho
Joel Carvalho
4 years ago

I’m listening your talking with Mr. Siseko. I love it so much but can’t speak so fast like you. I’ve a great difficult on my mind about it ‘ cause I study a long time. So I can’t get my ability developed to understand and speak forward.

bittrex vs binance
1 year ago

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.

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