055 : Experience America | All about Maryland




  1. Intro
    • Janellie
    • Traveled a lot
    • Lived in Maryland, Oregon, California, Puerto Rico, Argentina, South Korea
  2. Basics about your state
    • The first time she was surprised by how green and lush it was
    • Lots of people – everyone looked different
    • Very diverse
  3. Tell me about the scenery
    • It’s not flat, but it’s also not mountainous
    • Lots of state parks
    • Popular for camping
    • You can get away to nice places
  4. Tell me something unique about the state
    • It’s very diverse
    • Experience many different kinds of foods from different cultures
    • So close to DC and Virginia (The tri-state area)
      • So you can live in one state and work in another
    • You can enjoy sightseeing
    • ****LURAY CAVERNS***
  5. Tell me something unique about the people
    • We speak differently (our slang) – “Sike” and “Bama”
    • People are always in a rush
  6. Tell me about your favorite food
    • Colombian bakery/Cafeteria
      • Silver Spring, MD
    • Thai Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD
    • Lebanese Taverna (Foodchain – Bethesda & Silver Spring)
  7. 3 Must see places
    • Six Flags amusement park
    • The center of Silver Spring (downtown Silver Spring)
    • Bethesda
    • Georgetown, DC
  8. Final thoughts/advice (Anything else you would like to tell someone who has never been to your state?)
    • Stay in MD because MD is cheaper
    • Get a car and travel around
    • It’s quiet and peaceful
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