056 : Meet Carla – An ESL teacher who has a passion for teaching English!




  1. Give their introduction
    • Canadian – Jamaican
    • Graduated with 3 degrees (Business, MBA in Global Management, and a Law degree)
    • Taught English at the middle school level in Atlanta, Georgia (For 5 years)
    • Been in Korea as an English teacher for the last 8 years
  2. Why did you become an English teacher and how long have you been an English teacher?
    • Fell in love with Korean dramas
    • Became interested in Korean culture
    • Has always been good at communication and English
    • Wanted to teach older students
  3. Can you tell us about your first teaching experience?
    • Started teaching at SDA Language Institute
    • Was teaching adults in the morning/evening and kids in the afternoon
    • Loved the real conversations she was able to have with the adults
    • Learned a lot about Korean culture and how Koreans think
  4. As a teacher, what have you noticed are the three best qualities of a good English student?
    • Curiosity (Ask questions)
    • Be observant
    • Enjoying English
  5. Did you ever have a favorite student? Tell us about him/her
    • One of his students introduced her to a girl
    • She became the girl’s mentor
    • She admires her idea of social warfare
    • She admires her purpose in life
  6. What are the hardest things about teaching English?
    • Teaching grammar to English language learners
    • Teaching different students who are used to different styles
  7. What do you enjoy most about teaching English?
    • She teaches English to culinary arts students
    • She has the freedom to teach them in the way she would like to
    • She enjoys using various methods to help students learn English
  8. Do you speak another language? Tell us about it.
    • Speaks Spanish
    • Learned Spanish in Jamaica as a child (7th – 11th grade)
    • Didn’t learn how to speak in high school
    • In college, she also had difficulties speaking in Spanish
    • Went to Spain for a year (Struggled for 5 months and then was finally able to speak)
  9. Do you know any good English resources?
  10. Advice for other 2nd language teachers, students, and teachers
    • Have fun and don’t stress out about English
    • The more relaxed you are, the more you are able to absorb
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3 years ago

How to speak basic English

3 years ago

Thank you, Tiffani! I’ve enjoyed a lot this episode. English resources that Carla suggest are amazing.

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