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Part #1 | Do you like to travel?


Who: Me

What: Love to explore new cultures

When: During summer vacations

Where: To exotic destinations

Why: Because it broadens my horizons and enriches my life


I love to explore new cultures during summer vacations. Usually, I travel to exotic destinations. The experience of immersing myself in unfamiliar customs, traditions, and languages broadens my horizons and enriches my life in countless ways.

Exotic: Unusual or intriguing, often associated with foreign or unfamiliar places, cultures, or things.

Immerse oneself in something: To fully involve oneself in or become deeply absorbed in a particular activity, experience, or environment.

Broaden one’s horizons: To expand one’s knowledge, understanding, or experiences beyond what is familiar or conventional, often by exploring new perspectives or cultures.

Enrich one’s life: To enhance or improve the quality, depth, or meaningfulness of one’s life, often through experiences, relationships, or personal growth.

Part #2 | Do you and your friends like to travel?


Who: My friends and I

What: enjoy going on road trips

When: on long weekends

Where: to scenic landscapes and national parks

Why: because it allows us to disconnect from our daily routines and experience the beauty of nature.


My friends and I enjoy going on road trips. We often travel to scenic landscapes and national parks during long weekends. These adventures allow us to disconnect from our daily routines and experience the beauty of nature.

Scenic: Beautiful or picturesque, typically referring to natural landscapes, views, or settings that are visually appealing or aesthetically pleasing.

Disconnect: To break free or disengage from something, often referring to detaching oneself from technology, daily routines, or distractions in order to relax, rejuvenate, or focus on other activities or people.

Part #3 | Does he like to travel?


Who: He

What: seeks adventure and thrills

When: during school breaks

Where: to adrenaline-pumping destinations like bungee jumping spots and extreme sports centers

Why: because it gives him an adrenaline rush and makes him feel alive.


He seeks adventure and thrills during school breaks. So, he usually travels to adrenaline-pumping destinations like bungee jumping spots and extreme sports centers. The rush of adrenaline he experiences from pushing his limits and engaging in exhilarating activities makes him feel truly alive.

Thrill: A strong feeling of excitement, adrenaline, or exhilaration, often derived from intense or risky activities or experiences.

Adrenaline-pumping: Describing something that causes a surge of adrenaline, typically associated with thrilling or high-intensity activities that generate excitement and a heightened state of arousal.

Push one’s limits: To go beyond one’s comfort zone or usual capabilities, challenging oneself to reach new levels of physical, mental, or emotional performance or endurance.

Exhilarating: Producing intense feelings of excitement, exhilaration, or joy, often associated with thrilling or stimulating experiences that make one feel alive and energized.

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