By watching this video lesson, you will learn 7 English idioms that will help you be more comfortable in business situations.


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1. Beat around the bush:

Definition: To avoid addressing an issue or speaking directly about it.

Example sentences:

    • John always beats around the bush instead of giving a direct answer.
    • Instead of telling the truth, she beat around the bush and tried to change the subject.
    • The politician is known for beating around the bush during interviews.

2. Lost for words:

Definition: Unable to find the right words to express oneself.

Example sentences:

    • I was so surprised by the news that I was lost for words.
    • When she handed me the award, I was lost for words and couldn’t give a proper acceptance speech.
    • He was lost for words when his girlfriend announced that she was leaving.

3. Get the ball rolling:

Definition: To initiate or start something.

Example sentences:

    • Let’s get the ball rolling on this project by scheduling a kickoff meeting.
    • We need to get the ball rolling on organizing the event before it’s too late.
    • She took charge and got the ball rolling on the new initiative.

4. Break the ice:

Definition: To overcome initial tension or awkwardness in a social situation.

Example sentences:

    • He told a joke to break the ice and make everyone feel more comfortable.
    • The team played a game to break the ice at the start of the team-building session.
    • I usually ask about their hobbies to break the ice with new people I meet.

5. Speak one’s mind:

Definition: To express one’s thoughts or opinions honestly and openly.

Example sentences:

    • He never hesitates to speak his mind, even if it means disagreeing with others.
    • She was encouraged to speak her mind during the brainstorming session.
    • He regrets not speaking his mind and standing up for his beliefs.

6. Get the message across:

Definition: To successfully convey or communicate a message or idea.

Example sentences:

    • The teacher uses various methods to get the message across to all students.
    • It’s important to choose the right words to get your message across effectively.
    • He tried different explanations to get the message across, but she still didn’t understand.

7. Beat someone to the punch:

Definition: To do or say something before someone else can.

Example sentences:

    • He beat me to the punch and announced the news before I got a chance to.
    • The competitor released a similar product to beat them to the punch.
    • She always has quick ideas and beats the team to the punch.

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