035 : Experience America | All about California




  1. Intro
  2. Basic about your state
    • Beaches, mountains
    • Sometimes she gets called a “valley girl” (stereotype)
      • A woman, or a high school student, well-to-do and ditzy. All she thinks about is partying all the time
    • It’s a melting pot
    • You see a lot more diversity
    • In California most people are aware of other ethnicities and cultures
    • People are generally nice and friendly
  3. Tell me something unique about your state
    • They have a plethora of variations of food
    • They mix food / Fusion food
    • Creative with the flavors
    • Everyone likes to be beach ready
    • So a lot of people are into exercise and their appearance
  4. Tell me something unique about the people
    • Kind
    • Health conscious
    • People are really motivated, driven, and passionate
    • Working together and unity
    • A very liberal state
    • Cultures work together more
  5. Tell me about your favorite food
    • Mexican cuisine – California burritos with French fries in the
  6. Tell me how long you lived there
    • All her life – now she lives in Tennessee
  7. Tell me about the scenery
    • Beautiful mountains
    • Beautiful oceans
    • Great weather
  8. 3 Must see places
    • Death Valley (All of the dunes – Mounds of fine sand) – A little below LA (About 6 hours from San Diego)
    • Joshua Tree (Famous for all of the trees there. Similar to a forest. Good for hiking.) – On the way to Death Valley
    • The Redwood Forest (Trees that are hundreds of years old. The base of the trees are huge. Some are as a big as a car.) – On the top of California bordering Oregon
  9. Final thoughts/advice
    • Be very open minded
    • People will look different, so don’t be surprised
    • Californians are more easy going


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