037 : Experience America | All about New York




  1. Intro
    • From New York City
    • Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
    • Lives currently in Long Island – For the past 20 years
  2. Basics about your state
    • A city that never sleeps
    • New York is flashy, fast-paced, noisy, lots of people, lots of traffic, and it has some amazing food
    • People from everywhere around the world live there
    • Be prepared for the subway ***
      • Lots of different trains / Different systems (numbered trains, lettered trains, colored trains, different Burroughs)
      • The experience of being underground with other people in “not the best” conditions
      • It is centuries old
      • It appears a bit rundown
      • It is not always the cleanest
      • Always have entertainment – on the train performances, on the platforms
  3. Tell me something unique about your state
    • New York has a special history when it comes to different cultures coming here
    • Traditionally – immigrants came through ELLES island in the late 1800s and early 1900s
      • People were fleeing their countries for political reasons and also for a better life
      • So there was a certain pride that they wanted to keep about their individual cultures
    • There are many communities that look the same – cultures exist together
  4. Tell me something unique about the people
    • Due to the fast-paced life, people don’t normally have time to stop and say hello
    • They are not trying to be rude intentionally
    • Advice: Gauge or assess the environment that you are in before you greet people or talk to strangers. Be very observant.
    • They don’t mind being asked for a photo.
  5. Tell me about your favorite food
    • New York Pizza
      • It’s greasy, fatty, cheesy, and full of flavor
    • Junior’s Cheesecake (Downtown Brooklyn)
      • Hands down the best cheesecake in America
    • Gyro
      • Mediterranean dish
      • Thick flatbread with chunks of lamb or beef
      • Sprinkle of vegetables & delicious sauces
    • Food Trucks in New York City
    • Jamaican Beef Patties (spicy, cheesy, in coco bread) with a bottle Ting
  6. Tell me how long you lived there
    • All her life
  7. Tell me about the scenery
    • Lots of buildings
    • The skyline is very famous around the world
    • Empire state building, CHRYSLER building, the Memorial tower (replaced the twin towers)
    • Early 1900s architecture
    • Brooklyn is known for its brownstones
  8. 3 Must see places
    • Battery Park (Manhattan) – Native American Museum
    • Walking the Brooklyn bridge (Brooklyn —> Manhattan // vice versa // Manhattan —> Brooklyn)
    • The West side on the Hudson River
    • Many other museums as well
    • Many different shows and plays
  9. Final thoughts/advice
    • Do your research before you visit
    • Understand what the culture norms/practices are in NY
    • Pick up a few basic phrases before you travel to NY – It will help
    • Be prepared to spend your money – NY is expensive
    • Be open to the experience. NYC can be a bit overwhelming at times. It can be intense. Just take it all in slowly.
    • Beware of taxi drivers. They drive crazy.
    • Be open to the different cultures that you are going to encounter – languages, food, etc.
    • Don’t come in the winter. It is very cold. It snows a lot. Plan a trip in the spring, summer, or fall.


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You are great in teaching English!

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I really wanna boost my English skill to advance level .

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Thank you very much for sharing, I learned a lot from your article. Very cool. Thanks. nimabi


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